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I started a subscription a few months ago and stopped working on my online clothing resell store because I couldn't figure out how to integrate photos of my products that were taken on my android phone. It was recommended to use the Canva outfit boards so I could drop in other items on my pictures to help make them look more professional for the site. I'm not computer savvy at all and so much of this is like a foreign language. I want to know if I should hire a professional to create the store for me and from there learn how to slowly manage it myself. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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I think it's really a personal question - individuals can create a beautiful, highly profitable store all by themselves - it will just take them some time to learn how to do so. If you choose to hire a professional, it will probably take him less time to add the features your'e asking for, but all of this can be learned in the Shopify Help Center. There are a lot of helpful article out there that can help you get started.


Best of luck!