Hey, I need feedback on my store

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Hey Guys,


I believe I have just completed working on my website! Before I pay for a domain and release it publicly, I want to get feedback on the site. I am trying to make a nice little Bandana Business. Check it out!



Password is: coolbandanas


Thank you!,



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Hi there! I took a quick peek and have a few suggestions:
1. Expound more on your “About Us” page. Who are the faces behind Cranzana? How did you come up with the idea? What’s the history of the product?
2. Reword the main paragraph on your home page... it doesn’t really flow or offer a “feel” for the product. Personally, I don’t see the connection between your product and being a bad ass. Sorry. Maybe something like...

Cranzana specializes in unique, fun, and practical bandanas, from neck bandanas to head bandanas. We want to provide you with the best bandanas for the best price.

But expand on this.

I do really like the flow of the site, and the pics are great.

Hi Jude! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)


Your store looks great and you have a defined niche and target audience, which is perfect.

Your store seems ready to launch, there are just few finishing touches I recommend working on.


I agree with the previous comment regarding your About us page - it needs more content. More content here can definitely help you connect with your target audience and boost a conversion rate. This page is perfect for building trust. Trust plays a huge role for online shoppers - people love to know who they are buying from and a great About us page can help you earn extra points and improve your conversion rate. Make sure to add a photo of yourself and your team and tell your visitors some interesting facts about each of the team members. 


The top promo bar currently says: “The Nicest, Coolest and Cheapest” - consider adding info here that will help you boost sales. As this promo bar is displayed on each page, it’s a great place to talk about a free shipping offer, latest promotion etc.


Top menu - consider renaming “Catalog” to “Shop” - it’s a stronger call to action, prompting people to click and shop, which will help you boost sales.


Promo image on the homepage - “A Lifestyle Bandanas” should be “Lifestyle Bandanas” - also make sure to link each image to a relevant collection. It will help you improve your store navigation and prompt more visitors to click and browse your products.

Enable the button to be displayed on each image from the Theme Customization section.


Bestsellers section currently has only 1 product:

Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 08.45.05.png


Consider adding more items here to make visitors have more selection.


Refund policy - consider writing a unique policy here instead of featuring default Shopify policy, which mentions items you are not selling:


Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 08.47.04.png


It will help you build trust, tailor the content to your own store and avoid any duplicate content issues, which might affect your Google rank. See this article on How to write a returns policy [with examples]: https://www.bigcommerce.co.uk/blog/create-a-returns-and-exchanges-policy-that-sells/


Shipping policy - consider adding more info here. People love having plenty of information about the shipping provided before committing to buy. You only mention the delivery is 4 weeks - it feels very dismissive and doesn’t feel like you are making any effort as a business owner, which can be off-putting for the potential shoppers. 


Consider switching from dropshipping to stocking the products in your storage unit - the bandanas will probably fit into one storage box, even if you ordered a few pieces from each design. It will give you an advantage over competitors and will attract more shoppers to buy from you, as you’d be able to deliver within a few days. 


Social media icons - make sure to open the icons in new tabs, so you don’t lose the valuable traffic. Please see how to do it in this helpful guide: https://help.shopify.com/en/themes/customization/navigation/open-external-links-in-new-browser 


Check also Instagram link - it opens on an error page.


Product descriptions - consider adding longer and more detailed product descriptions. That’s also a great way to build rapport with your visitors and convert them. Short one-sentence description can make an impression you are not willing to make an effort for your customers, which can leave them feeling like why should they make an effort and buy from you.

Good product description can easily put you above a competitor selling a similar product, but not having the items described enough to convince people to buy. Detailed descriptions can also help you build your authority and knowledge of the niche, which is essential for buyers, who want to feel they can trust your expertise and the choice of the products. 

See below how to write product descriptions that sell:



Also, improve the related product strategy - at the moment they don’t seem that related at all:Screen Shot 2019-11-18 at 08.53.23.png


Once your website is live, let me know and I’d be happy to review it in terms of SEO.


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Best regards,


Shopify Partner | Ecommerce expert

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Thank you so much for the feedback! Much appreciated!

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Hi @Cranzana 


Hey congratulations on opening such a great store, honestly I like it a lot, but I think there might be a couple things you could consider changing.


You might consider adding reviews. If you add reviews it will help keep your customers on your site. If your customer needs to leave your site to do research on a product they might not come back, adding reviews can help with that.


You might consider adding a sense of urgency. By using urgency, you can make your visitors feel like they are missing out unless they order immediately. The 'Fear of Missing Out' that they experience, will increase your ability to convert them into buyers. One app that can help you with that is https://apps.shopify.com/better-countdown . It really can make a big difference in getting your customers to buy from you


Another thing you might want to add is a blog. If you had a blog more customers might be able to find your site, and even if they aren't ready to buy at the moment they are reading your blog, they are more likely to buy from you in the future.


An important thing I couldn't find is a FAQ section. Customers often times will want a lot of information before they make a decision to purchase. Adding an FAQ section with information about things like shipping rates, returns, and anything else relevant can help your customer more easily make a decision to purchase


I wasn't able to find an always visible buy button. The buy button is probably the most important button in your entire store and you need to make sure that your customer can always easily find it. If your customer needs to scroll all they waaay back up after reading your descriptions, they are more likely not to buy from you. A lot of people are very busy, and every extra step that you add is another reason why they might not want to buy from you. I recommend adding https://apps.shopify.com/better-sticky-checkout-button-increase-your-sales . It can help you make sure your buy button is always within a thumbs reach for your customer.


You know your store is actually quite good, and I think with just a bit of love and care, you will be able to really succeed.

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Hey, You have a nice store and a good collection. Your store seems aesthetically pleasing to me. But it’s not just about aesthetics. You also want your homepage to convert. People can’t or won’t convert if you don’t give them an incentive to do so and if you don’t make converting as easy and intuitive as possible. Here are some tips that will help you to push visitors towards conversions-

1. Why don't you try using Exit-intent pop-up- A good exit-intent pop-up helps to reduce retention rate and Abandon carts.

2. Add a Favicon- A favicon helps with the following functions:
-Easy identification by a user (usability feature).
-Gives a professional look to the site.

3. As I mentioned above- People can’t or won’t convert if you don’t give them an incentive to do so and if you don’t make converting as easy and intuitive as possible. Why don't you start incentivizing your visitors by giving them Loyalty points? To install your loyalty reward program click here.


It will be easy to give you more suggestions if you answer some more questions for me about your future strategies. Like how are you going to bring traffic to your store? How will you engage them?

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