Hey guys! Absolutely new amateur here. Please rate my first ever website lol! =]

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I know I know, this product is selling at every corner, and is probably oversaturated, but I picked it because I wasn't really planning on selling for now.

My goal was to learn the process, get familiar with shopify, aliexpress etc. So many new informations, but I guess with time it will all come together like puzzles.

I know my site is probably trash, and feel free to critique and point out some stuff I should done differently. Just don't be too harsh!


Thanks guys, have a great evening and talk to ya soon! 



EDIT : If someone can please explain me how to move the text "Because they deserve the best" on my first page. I'd like to put it at the top of the picture, but really couldn't find how.

Thanks !

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I'll rate yours in exchange for you rating mine? Mine: chancerylane.eu

Okay, so I was at first confused by the one-product shop. Is it actually a one-product shop or will you be adding more products? If it is only one, I would make that clear. Your title says "Cosy pet beds" plural, so that makes me thing there's more than one. I don't think there is any problem if you are going to add more. 

Mine is in English. When you say, "pick your babies favorite color!"  This is not correct (in english). I'm not sure if you're using a translation app. The correct form is "pick your baby's favorite color". This is singular possessive (1 dog). Alternatively, you can say, "pick your babbies' favorite colors" which is plural possessive (2+ dogs).   

Are you Croatian? I ask because the default currency is hrk on mine. If you're marketing to just Croatians this is probably fine. However, I doubt it will be an easy conversion to any other currency. Same with changing cm to inches for a US audience (if you'll be selling in the US).

The reviews look really good. 

Hope that helps! 


Hi @Shucky ,

Just took a look at your store. I love the dogs, too. They’re so cute :))))

And I also have some recommends for your homepage

1. You should make the sticky header.

  • Which is sticky header? A feature that helps customers always easily access the menu when they scroll down on your page.
  • Which benefit? Although customers’re anywhere on your page, they can go to other pages you put on the header. And another important point is search bar. It’s also on the header and customers can search any products they want immediately without scrolling up.Comfy Relaxing Anti Stress Doggo Beds – Pet Cozy Beds 2020-07-24 09-42-14.png


2. I also notice that you have a blank space between banner and header. You can try this code to move it:


.main-content {
  padding-top: 0px !important;

  Margin-top: 0px !important;



Comfy Relaxing Anti Stress Doggo Beds – Pet Cozy Beds 2020-07-24 09-45-33.png


3. Additionally, you should make the banner full width and change it to a clearer image that show which product you’re selling. With the current banner, It seems to be hard for me to imagine which product sold.

I know you’re a new amateur and there are so many things to learn.

To learn more about building a highly converting Shopify store, you can visit this article (you can open it in a new tab). May it help!

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Hi @Shucky !

When it comes to single-item stores it might be challenging driving traffic and have sales because the market for that product might not be too big. That is why I advise to work in partnership with other companies that sell complementary products or services. 

Add About us  and Contact us pages.

Pick your babies favorite color!- grammar mistake.

Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer.


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Hi @Shucky,

Congratulations on your store and welcome to Shopify

I had a look at your store and have a few feedback:

1. Single Product: There is a single product in the catalog. I suggest you that either you can add more products to the catalog or you can do some partnerships with other companies for complementary products.

2. I also noticed that you have search, about us and ample number of pages at the bottom of your website. Firstly, there are two search bars on the website which is not required and secondly Homepage, Browse Products should be right on top bar of your website.






3. The two CTAs on the product page for Add to Cart and Buy are below the product image. Putting them right beside the product image might be more useful as it serves the purpose of the customer seeing the product image and simultaneously making a purchase decision.

Lastly, you might want to look at some product labels from ModeMagic. It just helps you communicate the right messages to your customers. Here you can request for some custom product badges and labels. You might find them useful to convey the message "Because they deserve the best" on your product image.

Hope it helps!!



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