Hey, we are after honest Feedback, we have just got our Business Domain name setup

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Hi Everyone

We are after honest feedback on our Online store.

We have just got our Jenwrencreations.com  Domain name picked and now being used, that was easier to do than I thought. We are working on updating our photos of our Jenwren Creations designed Fabric covered Jute bags, the Bags are Jute on the inside and are laminated (for easy cleaning and waterproof). I design and match all fabrics used.

These can be used as Shopping, Work, Travelling, Daiper bags, Gym bags or take them to the beach, basically where ever you need to carry things. they are reinforced on the bases. Oh this is not a sales pitch, just giving you an idea of the bags. We have have 4 sizes in the Jute (Including Winebags) plus Calico and Hessian Bags (which can be used as Library bags).


Please all Feedback really Appreciated.


Jenni Miller

Jenwren Creations

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Perhaps product photos of the bags in use! More lifestyle photos, it may help bring a little more life to the site. The wine bags are cool, show them with wine bottles in them!

shipping prices displayed in the product descriptions too

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Hi Jenni

First, I would suggest getting a professional logo done. You can get one made for as low as $5 on fiverr.com.

Your concept is great and the bags look great, but your photos don't do them justice. This blog post might help. Also, be sure to use uniform size images for fluidity.

I would also suggest adding more details to the product descriptions.

I also suggest adding shipping and returns info.

Lastly, I suggest making your Facebook link open on a new tab so you don't drive traffic away from your site.

Best of luck,

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Lovely products ! but definitley think a banner or logo incorperating the little birds would look much better :)

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Thank you everyone for your replies, very much appreciated.

We are a small Australian business looking to take the bags to the world. We will be doing more professional photos soon as we understand this will make the business more appealling.

We are looking to do a range of NRL Licensed bags (Football in Australia where Jarryd Hayne played) and will be looking to do a Kickerstarter.com Project to get that started.