Hi Everyone " I run a Motorbike Store in Germany" I need improvments

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My name is Bernard and I am running a Motorcycle Store in Germany, I have a website and I deals in all kinds of motorcycle purchase and sales in Kassel.


Kindly have a look and let me know if you think my website have some potential to attract online customer to come and sell their motorbikes through my website.


My website is here : https://zweirad-galerie.de/


Thank you


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Hey there, @Motorradankauf 


Bo here from Shopify Support! 


Well done on launching your store. As I do not speak German the amount of feedback I can provide is minimal but I can definitely help you with the aesthetics. The first thing I noticed was that your navigation seems to be somewhat broken in your theme: 

Having broken HTML like this in your site can make it look somewhat unprofessional, unfinished and untrustworthy. When buyers and sellers come to your site they want to see something that looks finished that instills them with trust, reach out to the developer of your theme and get this fixed ASAP. 


It is great to see that you are a small family run business, it is even better to be able to put a face to that business. However, there is no need to have that photo twice on the same page, it slows down the load time and adds little value. I would recommend replacing one of these images with something else. 


Scrolling further down your page to your motorcycle listings on your homepage I can see that they do not have any pictures, not until you click into them a least. Having an image of the bike that can be seen immediately will make it all the more enticing, encouraging a customer to make a bid. 


There is a lot of vacant space on your homepage making it take longer to load and adding needless scrolling. Websites should use the most of their space and not waste any of it, vacant space is space wasted and once again this makes your site look unfinished. As the theme is broken in a few places, is not showing product images on the homepage and has a lot of vacant space it could really be a good idea to change it completely. 


All the Best,


Bo | Social Care @ Shopify
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Congratulation for your store.It is time to redesign your store and need to marketing .


With redesign you have focus on lots of things like:

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Thanks Bo for good suggestions, I think there is some problem in the CSS loading, I will contact my developer and will discuss about the site issue , Thank you so much again :)



Buying a motorcycle is easy, uncomplicated! Fill in the contact form and you're done! Motorrad ankauf

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