Hi - This is my first store shopify ever. Would love some feedback

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Hi there,

This is my first Shopify store and I built it in the pet (dog) niche. I would love some feedback about it - Do you think it will be converting well? Does it look like a high-quality store?

Every comment is accepted and appreciated. 


My Store: https://mypuppymylove.com/




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Congratulations on the new store! I think you have done a good job, it looks professional.


The one thing I am missing is clear contact and business information, especially if it is a new store and you need to earn the trust of your customers. At the minimum an email address for support and company information (location etc).


You still have the unedited text in the footer

Talk about your business

Share store details, promotions, or brand content with your customers.


As long as you get relevant traffic I think your site will start converting. Start a blog, invite your friends and promote your Facebook page.

And if you need help with Google Ads we have an app that automates that, but depending on your marketing budget I would focus on all the organic traffic drivers right now, so Instagram page, Facebook page, your network of friends, start a blog etc.


And remember that it takes some time, don’t get to stressed out and let your customer base grow. Measure everything you do and quantify on what works best. If you don’t have any conversions to measure from day one, start measuring engagement (pages/sessions, bounce-rate, add to carts) and eventually the orders follow.


Best regards,