High Traffic = No sales, feedback and tips greatly appreciated

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Newbie to shopify. Opened up my shop about a week ago, ended up 200+ visits a day thanks to Instagram influencers, but no sales at all. 

As I am typing this post I just made a retargeting ad on Facebook to those who visited my site once, although there is still no guarantee that they'll end up buying / exploring the store in the end.


The campaign that I'm running right now is a free giveaway of gold anchor bracelets (link in description). Although all my products are free in shipping (2-4 weeks, worldwide) , only for the free bracelet you'll have to just pay shipping.

UI and navigation wise (or any feedback, which would be awesome!), please take a look at my site and let me know what you guys think. 


Free gold anchor bracelet:





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The featured image which you are showing is not representing what actually your website sells. After browsing your products it let me know that you are  passionate about anchor accessories. Consider providing a perfect image which resembles your products.


The main thing you have to concentrate is about About Us page. People will get to know about you and your website from this page basically. It really impacts on your identity. give a quick look on how to write a about us page 


Target the niche customers by adding more products and by exploring up your website in all social media platforms


Hope that could help you..

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I just had look into your website. It's Looking Good.
I am Unable to see your website social media page links. Have you added your store social media links? I suggest you can add it and regularly promote your products through social media pages, It may helps to increasing of your sales.
Have you think about your product page? It's looking not In good. I would suggest including item reviews too, as reviews for customers to share their positive experience thus different customers can see the reviews and be influenced to purchase.
And I see one of your item in view page, item contains only specifications you can add the description of items, An elegantly composed item description clarifies the advantages of the item and persuades the customer that they need the item as well as need it. Your item description is the one you need to catch their eye to in light of the fact that it can without much of a stretch pull in them and influence them to put in a request.


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I see, I'll work on what I'm missing out. Thanks for the feedback, will try and post again when I'm finished.


If anyone else is seeing this, feel free to still check out my site! The more the feedback, the better :)




Few Suggestions 


Payments: You only have PayPal. A lot of people still don't have PayPal you could add Shopify Payments or Stripe to add credit card payments. 


Blogs: Could add some blog posts. I think you could write some really nice blogs about these products or funny stories around the theme of your brand. 


Landing Page: I would build out custom landing page instead of directing traffic straight to your product. Add value first then push the sale. 

How to build landing page that adds REAL Value CLICK HERE 


I agree with Dropcl on the About us page very important. 


I also wrote a article about what I think is the secret to Shopify. This also includes little information about how I got my first 1,000 Shopify Sales CLICK HERE 


Why are you different from anyone else drop shipping ? Your store is similar to lots of other new drop shipping stores. Stand out. Few things that have really helped me over the last few years was reading books. Can give you lots of inspiration CLICK HERE 


Keep up the good work



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