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So I made this high ticket niche store for drones and accessories www.epegasi.com back in November, I feel as though I designed it well and created a bunch of stuff to help convert customers to take action whether its add to cart or making a sale but I haven't actually made any sales. I wanted to see if anyone that is experienced with high ticket sales could spot any problems with my store.

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Hi, Ahijah. 
Morgan here from the Social team at Shopify. 

Congrats on the store, and thanks for reaching out over the forums. Your shop is looking great, and I can tell a lot of effort was put into the professional feel. I do have a few suggestions site wise to consider, as well as some creative business plan ideas to ponder! 

1. Your main navigation is really thoughtfully laid out and offers direct links to everything a customer may be looking for. However, the sticky header makes it seem a bit bulky and doesn't offer much value, as it tends to blend in with a lot of the images and isn't as easy to navigate once you've scrolled down. I recommend removing the sticky feature of your navigation, or at the least changing the colour to something that works when scrolling as well. 

Here's an example of how the menu gets lost when scrolling your store: 

2. Along the same lines as the sticky header, you seem to have a lot of sticky applications on your home page. I recommend reducing this to 1 or 2. Having too much jump out at you, or cover important areas of the site can be frustrating for visitors or seem a bit tacky for a premium brand. Maybe consider other ways to integrate these things without having them be so prominent. 

3. In terms of your product pages, you have some really thought out and convincing descriptions. However, for some of your pricier items consumers want to be able to read all possible specs available. As they will likely be doing quite a bit of research before they purchase, rather than an impulse buy like you see with lower ticket items. 

Here's an example I was able to pull from your shop that could use a bit more information on the item specifics:

Now that we have gone over some of the things on your site, I'd like to offer some insight on building a trusted online brand. When it comes to selling higher priced items such as drones and tech gear, brand recognition is everything. This can sometimes take quite a while to develop. However, the best and quickest way is through human endorsement and social proof. 

When I take a look at your social media accounts linked, you do a good job of showing the products. I really like your use of the Instagram highlights to share details on each drone model, as it's laid out really well for easy viewing. However, your feed looks to have a lot of stock photos, and little to no user endorsement. 

To fix this, I recommend reaching out to some social media influencers and collaborating. As soon as people see others they know, or people they following using and loving your drones you instantly build credibility. 

You can also utilize social media to build a community. Have contests for the best drone footage using your products. Or even have a community hashtag to share content and adventures your drones get up to. Really entice customers to buy into the community you have as much as the product they are purchasing. The opportunities here are endless! 

Similar to your social accounts, I recommend carrying this method onto your site as well. The more real life integration and lifestyle shots your shop has the more relatable and enticing your products are going to seem. You could even have a "featured footage" section on your site, for your favourite customer content! 

I hope these ideas find you well, and sparked some creative thinking fo your brand. Let us know if you decide to try any of these out, and how they worked for you! 


Morgan | Social Care @ Shopify
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I suggest you can reduce the header section and observe the changes.
Which you have provided the Facebook page link is not available, check it. And i suggest you can your store refund policies,  It's helpful for your visitors to purchase decision. Otherwise, Your store looking great.
And the FAQ (https://www.epegasi.com/pages/easy-faqs) page is loading some time, Check it. And check this image https://paste.pics/40033ba65f63ea2c3aed62505b525a32 unable to create account.


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Is there any dropship inventory that actualy ships from the USA to USA using Shopify? Aliexpress is quite difficult to meneuver as to USA products. I've poured over countless programs looking for a USA supplier and to no avail. Thank you. Larry

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what is this security message "you'll go through a standard security check,"? When i refreshed, it went to a GoDaddy page . . . sg5.jpg