History of my Debut store

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Good day everyone

I would like to know if I can somehow access a history of my Debut store. I asked a developer to do something for me on my website. But after he has worked on it, there was an error on the site. He accuse me of alternating the website. But the website I did not touch since I hand it over to him. 

So would like to know if i can somewho proof that to the developer. 


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Hey @Amorel 

It seems like you're stuck because of someone's stupidity. Do you mind telling what you asked the developer to do and from where you hired him? I'm sorry for your loss .. but all I can do is offer a helping hand. CedCommerce is there for eCommerce stores who want any kind of customisation on their store (and it's just one of the things we offer). Feel free to drop a message to us so that we can assign our team to you and both of you can work towards your store! .-. 


I'm just a message away! 


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Hello there, 


In Shopify the history of files are created, so you can do one thing,

1) ask the list of files that the developer had worked on. 

2) Then, edit those files. You will find a link of Older Versions on the side of file name , screenshot :- 


3) Click on older version and set the file before that date on which you have given to your developer, screenshot :- 


Make the changes following the above and your store will be revert back to the earlier one. 

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I would not share that information now. Because she is working on it now.
Thank you.
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I would not reveal that info, because the person is still in the process of helping.