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Hello, I've recently opened up a new Shopify home decoration store. I'm currently getting about twenty visitors a day from some influencer marketing but no sales. Is there anything I should be doing to improve my store and conversions? 




Thank you!

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Hi there, your website looks professional and you have great products. The only thing I'd recommend working on is to remove any empty collections from the menu [like Decorative Bowls and Plates]. You can add them later once you get more items, otherwise clicking on empty collection might annoy visitor which could affect your conversion rate. 

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You have a great store and seems solid. I would just make sure you have a consistent them with all your products...including the look. The bedshelfie stands out compared to the other products you sell. Some other tweaks I might make:


  1. Product pages should all have the same layout. The leather notepad has a different layout the Tin Ba Sign

  2. Add a features or others viewed type section for each product page.

  3. Double check product images are consistent ... tin bar sign has a black product image.

  4. I would make customer reviews on each product page higher on the page

Those are just some of the tweaks we would have you make if you were a client. Hope you found this helpful, if so can you please click "like" below to let me know.


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