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Can anyone provide honest feedback on my store? Not generating sales.




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I'm kind of visual so I am going to give you my first impressions. I basically clicked around randomly. I only spent < 10 minutes on this. 

I think your site is pretty good, but I'd suggest you click around and check all your products descriptions, some of them have grammatical/punctuation errors. Here's a sampling of what I noticed.

  • On home page - I don't think you need two huge logos, the one in the banner is doing it's job.
  • I clicked on About Us - it displayed a FB page where the logo was distorted. 
  • Back to School and Hats page - banner image seems distorted
  • Product page: wonder-woman-flower-logo-womens-white-t-shirt-tee-shirt has typo at end of description. Looks like something got cut off (HTML issue)
  • Hats page heading "Varies Hats"  misspelled
  • Product page: teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles-pu-bi-fold-wallet-1 has inconsistent font with rest of your products descriptions.
  • A non-white background on header and footer might add some interest and emphasize the shopping region apart from the header and footer. I just did this to my site and it seemed to look cleaner. You may need make your logo transparent though.

Hope this helps. 


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I really happy to feedback for your store, thank you for giving this chance.

I suggest to place the AboutUs section below the banner image which can improve your website's look more decent.
BTW you have displayed some of your products collection on the banner images. I strongly suggest to add respective product page links to each banner image so that you can make a conversion.
You can add featured collections section to the Homepage displaying a set of 3 or 6 products with their name and price.
So if customers visit your Homepage and like the products then they can directly go for a purchase on your website.

I also observed that under the Blog section, the post doesn't contain any image.
I suggest to add a image to it so that it looks more professional.


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Hello there, 

I have just gone through your site and here are some feedback. 

- In catalogue there is actually no category, ii actually shows the all the products.

- "About us" directs to your facebook page!

-Putting a phone number and physical might be a good idea

- Writing in a more explained fashion would be better for the shipping policy

- Creating a "Category" tab and sorting all the items may be a better option than keeping all the categories by name beside "Catalogue".

-Providing more questions under FAQ is more effective.

- Adding option for customer review can be a good idea.

I hope this will help

Thanks- Kaoser