Hoping to get some feedback on my store

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Hi everyone!

I was hoping to get some feedback on my store. I am beginning to take on inventory and working on custom designed fitness gear/and branded products but I don't want to keep going down this path if my idea is a dud. The vision is to design attractive, effective fitness equipment and get fitness professionals involved to offer guidance and support that a customer wouldn't get buying on amazon. I've been in the health industry for over a decade (mixture of clinician/developing health tech), so I've been stocking equipment that I know works well for myself or my individuals I've worked with but want to grow and expand this business.

My conversion rate has been super low this month (less than 1%), so I have been running a giveaway and using this time to build out my email lists and following instead. I feel like I have been looking at my store too long and would love some fresh eyes and feedback for some ideas that may help improve my conversion rate. I have seen a lot of other pages that have a lot of gimmicks and promises, and I'd prefer to keep things honest. But was toying around with improving the PDP experience (better add to cart button, maybe stronger copy on the descriptions?)

My site is www.superhumanhomefitness.com
 think my concern is I'm getting a fair amount of traffic but then the drop off rate is significant, any suggestions? I am waiting to reshoot the product photos until I have converted everything over to my branding because I'm on a budget, I feel like that is definitely a weak link currently. 
I am spending about $500/month on ads (all I can afford until I get more sales), and I feel like this is a very competitive market -

I've thought about scaling up this as well but am worried to try that until I have ad sets I'm super confident with. My husband feels that I should just give it more time and that January is a slow month for everyone but if anyone has any suggestions I've love to hear them! 

Let me know thoughts! Thanks.