How Can I improve my conversion rate?

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People are viewing my products, but not buying. Some have been viewed 400 times without a single purchase. Also, the average visit to my site lasts less than a minute. What Can be improved to get these numbers up?

is my store.

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Hi @memelordmartin,

I'm gonna be brutally honest with you here, but don't be discouraged because I believe you can definitely improve:

Your product designs (or at least the mockup images for your products) need a lot of work.

Being a store in this niche means it's easier to attract attention but that doesn't mean it can translate into sales. 

People may click on your ads and visit the website because it's funny, but if the products are not good enough, they still won't buy it.

Take a look at what dankmememerch is offering:

Compare to your merch, theirs are crispier, the images are of higher quality, and just generally look more like something someone would wear everyday.

I believe this is the biggest, most important issue you can fix right now.

With that out of the way, some other things I would recommend for the website are:

1. You're selling too many products.

This is a common mistake for beginners. I get the logic, the more products you have the higher chance to sell one of them, right?

But then it would also mean you have to spend your ad budget on more things, and visitors have to waste more time looking for what they want.

So look into one product store, and see if you can apply it. Read our blog post here to learn more about it.

2. Your contact us page is empty.

This is an absolute no-no. People want to know how to contact you before they can trust to purchase from you.

Consider putting your business email and phone number in there.

3. There's no customer reviews, no social media, no trust badges.

Those are all essentials to convince customers of your legitimacy. 

Consider adding them ASAP. Read here to learn more about what customer reviews and trust badges are and how to add them.

4. The product images should be of the same size.

Look at these images:


They are of wildly different sizes, which messes up your website's template and makes it look amateurish.

Consider resizing and cropping them to one unified size.

If those are too much for you to edit, consider using our theme EcomSolid, it's free and it offers some prebuilt template that you can apply right away.

I hope that helps, and I wish you all the best!


Dang Truong | Ecommerce Expert @ EcomSolid - The Next Generation Shopify Theme

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