How to Get Review Stars Below Product Title

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Hello! My store is and on the products and collection pages, it doesn't show the reviews stars. Currently i barely have any reviews, but when i get reviews, i would like for the star amount (1-5) to show up under the product title like it does on amazon. On my main front page, i have "popular products" but the review stars don't show up below the product titles. I am also not using the main shopify reviews app, i am using something else which is called AiTrillion. The AiTrillion app supports better reviews in my opinion, and i think it just looks better. All i want to know though is how to get the reviews to show up under the product title even when you are not on the product page. Here is also an example of one of my featured products that has a review:

Please let me know if anyone knows how to fix this. Thanks!     :)