I Have A Weird Mobile View Homepage Glitch

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Hey, I'm soon to launch my business (by the way I'm still on the free trail, not on a current plan yet) and I've noticed a weird mobile view glitch on the homepage. Screenshots are attached. This happens when you rotate your phone to "landscape" view then rotate it back to "portrait" view (how we normally view our phones on a daily basis). The only way to temporary remove this you have to refresh the page, there's no other way. So is there a way where this won't be thing, because although it may seem quite minor, I think it could be a possible turnoff for future customers if they were to happen to accidentally or intentionally rotate their phones to landscape view. I hope I made sense and you guys could understand me. Once again, screenshots are attached (the numbers you see means the order of steps taken), and my website is karizmalashes.com, password: esylvan07

Thank you so much.