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I Started dropshipping last Month and I do facebook and Instagram ads. I get like 200 traffic but no one is adding to cart talkless of initiating checkout. I've gone through the process myself over and over again but I can't seem to see anything wrong. Please help me


Check out My Site: Lexanstore.com

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I would work with a web developer or web designer to add some design elements to this store. Unfortunately, it looks like the images of the dropshipped items are pretty generic. I would recommend ordering a sample of each and hiring a photographer to create unique images of these products. This can really help with conversions and help your customer trust that you are not just a pop-up shop. 


I would also work on developing your SEO and your Google ranking, as most of these products are probably searched for a lot with Google. It could be that search engine traffic will help your site more than Facebook ads. That would be my recommendation. 


Good luck!