I am losing sleep :-(

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Hey guys, I would love your advice.  

My site www.queensrule.co.uk is officially keeping me awake at night. And like many I just can't seem to make that many sales. I get about 250 hits a day mostly from India and Pakistan so reckon it's a lot of fake traffic (i dont mean that in a bad way), I haven't ever advertised there and I have had this traffic from the beginning. I have tried ads and that just increases traffic not sales. I have a fb ig Pintrest and Twitter account and post regularly. I started in April and kinda would be so grateful for an increase in sales. I would be so grateful for your opinion. I love this trade but the lack of sales is killing me. Thanks in advance x

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Hi Anisha,

The Blog post which you have placed near the footer section has a badly blurred image. Being on homepage if visitor looks of blurred images they may go off the website. So I suggest to have a high resolution images.

Add related products to the product page, by this you can encourage your sales through cross-selling.

All the Best...

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We launched a clothing website, so I know how you feel. It takes time to build up a clothing brand/store. You need to have a brand, something for people to believe in. A reason for them to want to wear your clothing. Stick with it. Focus on getting user-generated content. Make sure it's visible on your homepage.

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Hi Anisha:

Your site looks nice, but i would suggest you improving some parts:

-You should put your collections in the menu, instead of having just a scroll down menu called "Collections".

-Also, the big picture of BIG SCREEN INSPIRED CLOTHING COLLECTIONS is a really low quality image, you should change it for another HQ picture.

-I would recommend you putting another featured collection lane, not only QUEENS RULE STAFF PICKS.


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Hey Anisha, 

I actually really like how you segment your collections based upon use case - but you should explicitly introduce those sections on the main page, or at least provide some more context on the homepage. 

What many sites will do is put sections describing what makes them different.

Why not test having a section that says:

You're looking for awesome clothes for the following:

Dressing up my daughter (link to mini queen)
Dresing up to go out (link to going out out)
Looking awesome at work (link to work work work)

You could even give an example of each look and really style it up to look really cool.

What I find in my experience is that you don't want someone to think about what they should do on your website, you want them to act. So, put an immediate choice in front of them:

Welcome to Queens Rule - The Only Clothing Store for Badass Women
What are you looking for?
Option 1 .       Option 2 .     Option 3

No matter what option they select now you've got them at least looking at relevant product instead of having them on a homepage wondering what the heck you do and why they should care.


Good luck!

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Thank you very much for your advice. It's given me a new view of how to organise the site. So very very helpful. I will.play around with it. I might have to get hold a new theme because mine is getting a bit too.rigid for some stuff