I'd like the community to review and give feedback on my site https://mqmuoxiwqnznwwh0-25997377594.s

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Hi, I'd like your feedback on the site above



I am having some issues with setting up of shipping conditions - I Have tried the Shopify help resource but not working. This is for the domestic India market. 


Would be glad of the feedback and any help on Shipping Conditions. 




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Hi @Mansi1


Hyde here from Shopify. That's a fantastic looking website! Great work, super attractive, and easy to use.


You mentioned having problems with the shipping conditions, although I'm not sure of the specifics of the issue, so I can only give a broad response.

When you say "This is for the domestic India market" I understand that you are shipping locally.


By default, each Shopify store is created with one shipping profile that contains your general shipping rates.

If you are fulfilling your orders yourself, you will, therefore, need to do a little research into what the shipping rates are with your local carriers so that you can create them accordingly in your general shipping rates.


You will want to make sure that you set India as the only shipping zone, and you will want to ensure you're setting up the rates correctly.


There's a really handy video that walks through this in more detail:



Of course, if you give me a clearer picture of your circumstances, I could advise a little more specifically to help!

All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Thanks, Hyde for the positive feedback on the website. Good to know.

My question is - like the US shipping , there is a dropdown menu of cities
for which one can focus on for shipping.

Does a similar option exist for the India market. I am restricting my
delivery service only to a few cities in India. How can I create the
limited area shipping option ?

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