I decided to sell my product for $1 - still NO SALE.

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Guys I think im at that point where I have lost all hope.

I decided to drop the price of my standard license music products from $40 to $1 for 1 day and include a 20% off promotion; so really they are spending 80 cents for something worth around $40.

I have spent hundreds of dollars only to find that my bounce rate is 88.50% and I am getting NO added carts.

My website is www.officejamz.com - if anybody has something to say before i close this store, i would appreciate the feedback as at this point I am ALL ears.


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Hi Xavier,

I'm not an expert in this industry but the only thing I can think of is that it's a specific niche of people who might be interested in the product your supplying and they've already heard of shutterstock and wouldn't know to go to your website. I've made youtube videos and there's a lot of free music that comes with the free youtube editor so I can't think of a reason to buy a product that I'm getting for free UNLESS there's something extra special about your product. 

Storewise I like it a lot and I like the text at the beginning which lets me feel like someone is talking to me. I might take the giant sale thing at the top away or make it smaller so the product is clear so I know what you're selling as soon as I get there.

maybe consider talking about the particular music you're featuring, showing a picture of the artist or having a featured artist - something like that although I understand that's not the point of your store currently.

It's unfortunate if you have to close your store without any sales

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Hello Sage Ryza,

I cant thank you enough for taking the time to overlook my store, it means a lot. 

The funny thing is the moment you posted your reply someone bought a music license from my store for the FIRST time ever since the store first opened in January. Although the sale was just $1, it actually made my day.

I am very glad you pointed out that Youtube offered free music, I was not actually aware of this! 

And yes, I think the best thing to do would be to make it clear that the music i'm selling is extended in length, so the tracks range from 11 minutes to 14 minutes. However tho, one could argue that just because the audio tracks that i'm selling are extended still doesnt mean my product has any sort of value in the marketplace; in fact, anybody could just bang the piano keyboard for 20 minutes and attempt to sell it. So perhaps, as you suggested, it would be highly benneficial for me, the store owner, to state who the featured artists are on my home page. 

Thanks again for your input, if anyone else has anything to say, please do so!

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Hi Xavier:

Sorry for your bad situation, but your niche is really hard to compete. As Sage Ryza said, you can find this kind of music for free, not only with the youtube video editor, but also as videos uploaded by the users. They upload these copyright free music videos so that people can use it for free (only giving them the credits for the song).

Many chanels are doing this, uploading their music for free, but earning money with the ads that they put on their music videos.

You should rethink your strategy! ;)


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