I have improved my site greatly. Please review again.

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Hi there!


The store is pretty nice! Congrats! 


The first thing that comes to mind is the font. I think that you should switch it with something that is easier to read.


I noticed that you have accounts on the most popular social networks. However, I would suggest you to be constantly active in them, promoting your products and your brand. Also, the facebook icon at the bottom does not link to an actual Facebook page. You probably added a wrong link. 


Super happy to see that you have most of the required the policies - terms and conditions, shipping, privacy, and refunds policy. Most of the stores are not adding them (or at least some of them).


I would advise you to also look around for some apps that can improve your sales in the Shopify app store - https://apps.shopify.com/. For example, this one - http://discountonleave.apps.isenselabs.com/ will help you recover some of your leaving customers with a discount to exit intent. We have many store owners happy with it.


I hope this helps!