I have no visitors to my store after a week...did I miss something in setup?

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Hi there,


I just started with Shopify about a week ago.  Checking today, "analytics" shows that I have zero visitors.  Did I miss something in setup?  What is going on?  I transferred my etsy store to shopify.




Can you take a look?  Is it "live"?  Thank you!





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Beautiful store! I followed the link and was able to get in.


I think Etsy is very different in terms of getting visitors versus putting one site out into the whole wide world. It takes time for Google to index your site and rank your keywords and all. I'd make a Facebook page and target people who are into vintage figurines and such. Offer collecting tips and boost some posts to get involvement once you have a good many page likes. I used to follow Fuzzy & Birch for Etsy tips and she was good. 

I know there are tons of tips and tricks for marketing without Etsy but it's a much bigger undertaking. Good luck with it! Look for digital marketing tips. That will give you a place to start. Also, look for websites similar to yours where you can get ideas for how to push your info out. Do they do email lists? Sales, information, etc? 



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Hi @lhenkel01,

Hyde here from Shopify.

Well done on starting your store! You've got the ball rolling, now it's time to give it real momentum.

You'll be wanting to familiarise yourself with the basics like adding products, making collections, and then connecting those collections to the menu on your store so that customers can access them. Here's a video on how to add a product and then place it in a collection: https://screenshot.click/09-34-k7c1g-nvi85.mp4.

And here is how you link your collections to your menu for your customers to see, and how you can create nested or drop-down menus: https://screenshot.click/09-47-wezrs-8dczi.mp4.


When I was on your store I also noticed you didn't have your favicon set up. This is a really cool feature and it makes the page look a lot more trustworthy and professional. The favicon is the little logo you see in the tabs on your browser.




You can add your own logo to your store in the theme editor by going to Theme settings > Favicon here:



Also, you may wish to consider an "About Us" and "Contact Us" page for your store to encourage trust from your customers!  Here's what an About Us page should contain and here's how to create one!


I hope this helps, let me know if you have any further questions.


All the best, Hyde.

Hyde | Social Care @ Shopify 
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You probably wont see much business.  I would also not expect good customer service.  They are offering free 90 days to knew customers but not to the paying customers. If your'e new... just make sure you cancel way before they bill. I canceled and immediate got a noticed that they billed me right afterwards

@lhenkel01 wrote:

Hi there,


I just started with Shopify about a week ago.  Checking today, "analytics" shows that I have zero visitors.  Did I miss something in setup?  What is going on?  I transferred my etsy store to shopify.




Can you take a look?  Is it "live"?  Thank you!






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Thanks so much!  I really appreciate your insight!  I'll go ahead and look into how to "market" to the right people...thanks again!

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Thank you so much!  I went ahead and did the things you recommended ("about us" page, "favicon" icon).  Thank you for taking the time!  I appreciate it!

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Hmm...good to know...thanks for your perspective!

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Hi @lhenkel01 


You are not alone, there are a lot of merchants out there that cannot get started with sales as well. Also, I am sure you are aware of it, but still, it might be quite challenging starting selling at this moment, since a lot of people are facing financial constraints because of not being able to go to work.  I also want to mention that you have great products, all you need is a better site and that requires some investments. With that being said, let's hop on to the tips that will help you improve the sales rate: 



-Make the header menu and navi bar slightly thinner 

-Use a different hero banner image. Find one that is high resolution, unique and resonates with your brand. Hero banner creates the first impression, the one that you currently have creates an impression of an unfinished site 

-Use more colors on your site. Just because your logo is black and white, it does not mean you cannot incorporate more of that baby blue you have used a couple of times. Choose between that blue or pink on the product image background and stick to it. I recommend blue because pink is a common color used on most of the clothing boutiques. 

-Increase the contrast of the image you are using for categories on your homepage. Right now it looks blurry and exposed. (that might be on my monitor only though)

-basically all you have at the moment is homepage, collection page and product page. That is not enough. add About us, Contact us, ToS and Policies pages. Having only catalog will not work out. You need to earn your customers trust before they write their credit card number on checkout. 


Product page 

-Write shorter product titles. 

-Allow zooming into the images, to see the fabric and smaller details 



-Implement an opportunity to log in and sign up using Social Media account. We all have accounts at least in one social media. And if I have an opportunity to create an account just with one click, I will do it. having an easier way to Sign in will help you gather customer base. The most valuable thing for a company is the customer


-90% of people read reviews before purchasing an item. I personally do not read the description too much, I go straight on to the reviews section because that is social proof. In my opinion that is essential of every site. I highly recommend (almost insist) and adding that feature on your site.


For adding the functions above you can use several apps. However, if you want to get all of them at once just with a couple of clicks, try  GrowaveWe have 10 great features -Reviews, Wishlist, Rewards, Social Login, Instagram, Discounts etc. There is a free plan available also.


Once you have all the above, you can invest in ads as you have been suggested in the previous feedback. Without that it will hard to get the visitors even. 



 Hopefully, I managed to help you. If so, please let me know by liking this post. 

 Take care and stay healthy <3






Growave is the all-in-one marketing platform that has
- Visual Reviews with automated emails
- Loyalty&Rewards
- Wishlist
- Instagram
- Social Sharing + more 

Increase conversions with ease here
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Hi Lisa! Maggie, Shopify Expert here :) 


I recommend optimizing the hero image - make sure to add a CTA [Shop Now!] text or a button in the image and link it with a relevant collection or a product. This way you’ll invite people to browse your collections, improve the time they spend on your website [important for SEO] and reduce the bounce rate:


Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 08.01.15.png



Consider also adding more content to your homepage - you can add 6-9 featured products, promo with one of your discount codes or add a hero image at the very top - right below the main menu. It will create engagement, and give your visitors more content to interact with, which will in return help you improve your conversion rate and dwelling time [time people spend browsing your website, which is important for SEO].


Consider also adding more trust signals, such as: About us page, Contact us page, Shipping policy and Returns policy. This alone can help you improve your conversion rate - people like to have this info clearly displayed and accessible on the website, before committing to buy.


Menu - consider renaming ‘Catalog’ in the top menu to “Shop”:

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 08.03.35.png



It creates urgency and gives an indirect order to shoppers, inviting them to take action [positive tone of voice]. The best performing shops design their customer journey [sales funnel] across the pages with clear CTAs - from the homepage, through collections to the checkout - so showing people where to click and how to browse your website to complete the purchase will put your customers at ease and improve your conversion rate.


Optimize your product titles - don't add a string of keywords, as it's considered a "black hat SEO" which can actually trigger Google Penalty:

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 08.04.24.png



A much better product title here would be "Accordroin Boy German Folklore Porcelain Figurine" - it still describes your product with target keywords without using any black-hat SEO keyword stuffing.


Consider also optimizing your product page further by adding related products section at the bottom: 



Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 08.07.14.png


It will help you improve the customer journey [sales funnel] and the time spent on your website, which is a big Google ranking factor. It will also help you improve your sales - through cross-selling. You can add related products to your Shopify product template by following this simple video guide: how to add related products to your Shopify template [video].



Optimize your URLs further - they are too long currently:



Make sure they are shorter, maximum 3-4 words to help Google read and rank them faster. E.g. the above URL could be something like this: 



I also recommend adding a custom domain name. That’s a great trust signal and can also help you improve your SEO. You can register a domain through NameCheap.com or GoDaddy.com or similar. Then connect your domain to your Shopify store, as explained in this guide: https://help.shopify.com/en/manual/domains/add-a-domain/using-existing-domains/transferring-domains



Need a more detailed critique? Reserve your free website audit here: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/audit/ 

If you found these tips useful, please leave a 5* review on my TrustPilot profile. Thank you!


Here are a few guides that might help:



Best regards,


Shopify Expert | Ecommerce SEO Wizard