I have views but no sales on my store

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Hi there fellow shopify-ers!

I hope you're doing well during these unprecedented times. I'm writing here in need of guidance from you all. I keep getting daily views but I am unable to get any sale. I am very disheartened that I keep working every day and spend more than 8 hours on my store. Recently FB also disabled my ad account but they reinstated it again and there was no reason actually. I just shared a normal post. And now they have disabled again. I want to stop using fb ads but then there is no option to generate traffic because you are left with organic ranking which would take a lot of time. Anyways, those ads generated a lot of traffic but still I couldn't get a single sale! I don't know what am I doing. I have been working for a long time now. I feel that I have worked really hard and still can't see any hope. Hence, I thought I'll ask the community for help and guidance. Here is my store clevergurus.com

Stay safe everyone! :)