I just opened my store, i need your help

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my new store is www.myglamstyles.com

can you guys please help me with a positive o negative feedback

i want to improve the store 

thank you

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nice looking website, but make your instagram page (Glam styles link) open in a new window, as it took me away from your site, and then i ended up shutting down your page by mistake when i closed instagram, so this will take traffic away from your site :)

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thank you for your feedback and take your time for view my page, i will do the respective changes, to keep the traffic inside my web

good day ;)

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Hi Talia!

Paul here from Shopify. 

You have very cool bracelets, necklaces, and watches on your store. Keep at it follow these 17 pieces of advice to increase the amount of traffic flow to your sitehttps://www.shopify.ca/blog/5893075-17-ways-to-make-your-first-ecommerce-sale.

Good luck!



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1. "My Glam Styles" is too big.   You need a professional looking logo.

2. Everyone of your slides links to the same place.   No good.   Each one should have a specific message and call to action.   Look at other websites of major companies and do what they do.

3. I think its a bad idea to have a ratings program with no ratings.  It lets everyone know you are brand new.   

4. Not crazy about that app you have that does that pop up thing at the top of the page.  If you keep it make the color match your site.  Get rid of the hot pink.

5. You need better descriptions for your items.  tell people about the items.  what makes them interesting. 

6. your price point is good.   I don't know how people expect to sell 1000 dollar items on a new site.  

7. If Demy likes to write about fashion so much, get her to write you some descriptions.

8. "Shop By" at the top of the page just links to all the items.  you need to create some collections.

9.  Your photos are all the same size.  that is great.  they look good.

10. "Your G Look"   if its not a clear professional looking image, get rid of it.

11. sale


some of these images are different sizes.

its a good start.  you have some more work to do.


Hi Talia,

I agree with Doug. But I would like to emphasize the issue about your product descriptions. Most of your products have barely any description. Compelling copy is key in the selling process. Your product description should inform, assure, and motivate your prospect to become a customer. Concisely highlight all of the features and benefits of the product using bullet points to help visitors quickly read and digest them. Your descriptions should use your keywords in addition to price, shipping information, what it does, what it feels and looks like, sizes/colors, availability, and anything else that will influence a buyer’s behavior.

Also, I would suggest making yous social media links open on a new tab so you don't drive traffic away from your site.


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