I'm new to Shopify and I'd appreciate if you gave me an honest review on how to improve my store

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More specifically i would like to know your opinion about the product pages (lenght of product description, photos ect) and more importantly about the pricing.
Your recommendations about the overall style of the store. Any opinion would be helpful for me.
And one final note I'm running Facebook ads for one item for 2 days seems to get decent traffic (60 clicks in 2 days with purchase as goal of the campaign and 5$ badget, target audience people who like different pages that promote watches and also have interest in online shopping) but I had no add to card.
My site is: www.mensessentials.shop
Thank you very much for your time you take to read it and help me.
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Hi @Gerasimos


I took a look at your store and  I find it to be pretty neat. 

I do think that bounce can be caused by so many criteria. 

Sadly, just by changing little details in the design, it is not possible to increase sales rate significantly. 


I thought I will give you some pieces of advice on three aspects: 

1) Design 

2) Customers 

3) Benchmarking 



The product page design that you have is full of functions and details and I respect that. It is better to give a little more information than a person needs than giving less. Therefore, I suggest keeping up with that. And if you want to make the page shorter, you can add a section "Description" that will show the details only if a person clicks on that. 



The biggest reason of bounce is that visitors are not sure if they want to get that item, or they do need that item at all. 

In your case, I would recommend driving more targetted traffic. For that you have to know where your potential audience is "located". 

I suggest working in partnerships with other companies that sell complementary items or services. 

If have not worked in that direction yet, here is a template offered by Shopify to help create a business plan https://www.shopify.com/blog/business-plan-template



This is the best way to get inspired. A lot of the times people have faced issues like ours and just simply searching for sites like yours with high sales will do a great favor. 

I myself have used benchmarking with all the startups I have had. Take advantage of that! 


Hopefully, I managed to help you, if so let me know by marking this post as a solution or reply for more detailed information. 


Good luck! 

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Hey @Gerasimos 

Your store looks very professional and captivating. Facebook ad will help you to get more and more traffic but you have to make sure that your store is engaging enough to capture that traffic and convert them into paying customers. You should add loyalty and reward program to entice your customers and convert them into paying customers. You should add web push notifications to retarget your customers even when they are not on your store. Start using email marketing and automation to reach your customers. This will help you in increasing the conversion and retention rate. Also, you can add a countdown timer to bring curiosity amongst customers to purchase a product. To get all these things in your store. You can install the app AiTrillion.com. It has all the features in just one app. You don't need to install multiple apps. It will help you to increase engagement and will boost sales. 

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