I need opinions about the store.

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Hello shopify community.
I introduce myself I am Sandra and I created the following dropshipping store: https://donnaviziata.com.


I understand that the world of backpacks is a world with a lot of competition but like all sectors. I have tried to give an image to the website of security, professionalism and clean or so I think.


I have many visits and I have only had two bandages. I'm worried because there's obviously something I'm not doing right. I would like to know your sincere opinion in order to get a little more than two sales.


I have different hypotheses of what could be happening:


- Can backpacks be expensive?
- Should I focus more on the website as an unpublished product? Highlight more the characteristics of the backpacks?
- Do more facebook or google ads campaigns?


Thank you very much to all. I really want to continue working on it.

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If anything other than marketing difficulties, I think prices are a bit too high for some products.  However, I don't know the cost per product.  Perhaps add a dozen or so new products to increase options.  It's a competitive market.  Try looking for other channels for marketing.  One is submitting the web site to search engine listings (other than Google).  Another is a travel accessories shopping directory.


The web site is well designed.  A few of the FAQs had some English mistakes, so I would advise running those through a grammar check.  If you want, I can revise them for you, no charge obviously.  I'm a native English speaker from the US.  Adding a part of the description to a few featured products on the home page could draw interest and possibly enhance SEO.

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First of all, thank you very much for your sincere opinion.
As for the questions, if you could help me, I would really appreciate it. My email is info@donnaviziata.com

Thank you!