I need some feedback on my store please...

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Could you check my store and give me some ideas how to improve it please.

What sorts of apps could be used for efficient store?

Thank you




Hi @QModam, congrats on your store! I'm Richard, a CRO expert from PageFly - #1 Shopify Page Builder. After reviewing your store, I have some comments specifically about your homepage as follows: 

  1. Narrow your menu header: Your menu header is currently so big that it takes over all the screen. Customers tend to be intrigued by image rather than text, so you should narrow your menu header to push your hero banner up, so the banner immediately catches your customers' eyes when they enter your page. Screenshot_6.png


  2. Create a hero banner that clearly says your product: You currently don't use a hero image, but instead a video. However, this video is imported from Youtube, and it is currently taking 5 seconds to load on my computer. Those 5 precious seconds are enough to cost you a customer, so I suggest you change it into an image. In addition, the image needs to state your product clearly. For example, your store sells bags, so I suggest there should be the text "Bag ____" on the hero image. 
  3. Break your "Featured bags" section down into collections: Your "Featured bags" section currently shows too many bags without any categorization. I suggest you break it down into smaller collections. For example, faux leather featured bags, OZZELL COLLECTION 2020 featured bags, etc. For each collection, you can feature 3 bags, which will take up 1 row, before moving onto the next collection. Then, it is easier for your customers to navigate rather than endlessly scroll down the page. 

I hope those 3 tricks will help you. For more tricks, you can learn more from this guide to build a monster landing page. 



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