I need suggestions on the title of a section of products i have

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i recently opened my store, and i have 3 categories of watches; Modern, Casual, and Luxury. I feel like i should change the name of the Luxury collection bacause when you think of luxury, you would usually think of really expensive and well known brands, but on mine that is not the case. The watches on there are cheap, like $40 and around that. 

If you could check the Luxury watches and give some collection name suggestions, that would really help. Thanks in advance!

Store: epoch-watch.myshopify.com

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Fancy, decorative, ornate? I like to use a thesaurus for coming up with the right word to use. I also notice that your new customer code works even if I do not enter an email. Im also new to shopify and I found that Mailchimp was very useful for this. I created a popup that only would show the code after the user entered their email. You can also use Tidio live chat to do something similar. Im sure there are a lot more options too. These are just the ones I have tried. Good luck!

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Hey, Derek. 

That is a great question. I see what you mean about the word meaning if your products are cheaper. However, the official definition of luxury is:

"the state of great comfort and extravagant living."

Now that could mean that it is a brand name, but it could also refer to the look of something. In that case, you could just leave it. 

Is there a reason that you are keeping your prices so low? I mean watches usually go for a rate that is a fair amount higher. If you have already labeled the collection luxury, rather than changing the name why not change the price of the products to match the luxurious vibe. If you market it correctly you could really make some more money with this approach. 

When it comes to prices for products it would seem that you should price them lower to make more sales, however, sometimes that can have a negative effect. Sometimes when the prices are labeled lower people assume that the products are junky and low quality. If you were to increase the prices for the luxury collection it could really help the perspective of your customers to want to spend that higher price as it would change their view of the product. Does that make sense? 

However, if you would actually rather just change the name when I came up with some words that might work for you: 

  • Deluxe
  • Impressive
  • Magnificent

Out of the three, I would suggest Deluxe

I hope that was helpful. If you have any more questions please do let me know. 


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