I need your feedback with my new shop

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Please let me know any tips or feedback. I opened my shop 3 months ago. I have visitors in my shop but no sales. I would love to hear your opinion. I am ready to close as I am paying Shopify and other expenses and not getting sales.  URL is:     https://giftstobless.com/

I am not good at media advertising, do any of you know where I can go that can manage media for my shop with reasonable prices, please.

Have a blessed week and thank you in advance for your advice. 

Gifts to bless. 



Hi @GiftsToBless 

It's very nice that when I first entered your shop, I understood what your shop's about, felt interested and want to scroll more to read.

However, I think the store is rather busy in terms of content, some spacing problems and loading speed:

Loading speed:

Your home page weight is 11.3MB (according to speedboostr.com). An ideal page weight is 2MB or lower. 

- The main issue is the oversized images. You can use some image optimizing tools to reduce the image size while keeping the quality. I have some recommended tools in our article about tips to improve page speed (they are all free) https://academy.pagefly.io/guide/page-speed-optimization/#01_Optimize_image_loading_times 


- You can implement Lazy loading to reduce page loading time https://www.sitepoint.com/five-techniques-lazy-load-images-website-performance/

About content, I have some suggestions:

- Reduce the content on the banner, it does have quite a great amount of text now. People don't really read, they scan, make important information clear to them.

GIFTS TO BLESS – Gifts to Bless 2021-01-19 09-59-48.png


- Make the button visible, I think you can copy the style of the white button from the 1st slide

GIFTS TO BLESS – Gifts to Bless 2021-01-19 10-01-28.png

Spacing and alignment:

Since the product images aren't in the same size, the product list looks rather unorganized => my suggestion is paying attention to your product images and make sure they have the size, so you don't need adjust too much of the spacing to make the buttons align.

GIFTS TO BLESS – Gifts to Bless 2021-01-19 10-02-43.png

- Spacing: Some places are too narrow, others are too big

Monosnap 2021-01-19 10-08-20.png

- Some images are so big that I can't see the whole table and have to scroll a lot => Display your images in 2 columns maybe?


Your Add to cart and Buy it now buttons are function the same, both directs me too Checkout page https://giftstobless.com/products/electric-foot-grinder-machine-usb-charging-multifunctional-exfolia... Do you set it up on purpose or it's set up by mistake? As normal buyer, if I add to cart, I'd expect not to be redirected into checkout page.

I hope those ideas can be useful, if they are, please give me a 'like'. Thank you so much and I wish you the best of luck

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Nice to meet you @GiftsToBless 


I am Johnson a professional digital marketer, Shopify developer and Manager.

Having visited your store, I think it's not bad offering charity part of your profit. It's a marketing strategy that people would love.

Before fully investing into marketing, I recommend that you update the products description because they are too long for SEO ranking.

For marketing and updating, kindly visit me here



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Have a blessed week.

Gifts to Bless

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Many thanks, Mr. Jonny for looking at my shop and giving me your feedback it is very much appreciated. May God continue to bless your work.  Have a blessed week.

Gifts to Bless