I really need help! My store did not make any sale and get any traffic.

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I am really confused and frustrated now.

 It's been almost a month now when I launched my shopify store www.freesiasfashion.com, I did not have even a single order. I have run an ads in Facebook I got little views on my website. I keep on posting a promotions on my Facebook page then facebook block my account, I don't know until when they unblock it or maybe will be block for a life time. I am thinking that I have the wrong product on my website.  I'm thinking to close the store if things will not work.

Please I need your advice. Thanks.

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You can try on page and off page SEO.
That will get organic traffic on your store.
To know more about how SEO can help you read the blog below.
Best of luck for your store :)


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You should close the store. No one will pay so much for sunglasses that are on aliexpress for 70% less than what you charge. 

I would like to be proven wrong though,

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Hi Sha,

Congratulations on opening your store. E-commerce is tough! Of course, if it was easy, than everyone will do it. 

Maintaining a Shopify store isn't cheap. Besides of having the monthly fees and all the expenses in designing work, AND you need pay apps to do almost anything. It adds up a lot! Not to mention marking,...

I personally, didn't think it would be a lot and that's why I created my website after being a little frustrated on eBay. Anyway!

I takes a LOT of effort and commitment to see results (it takes time). 

You have to pick the right products and offer them at a reasonable price. I'm not saying that you are selling the wrong products. I believe that there is a market for almost anything. Look at what I'm selling myself and I have sold 130 items since I opened my store.

I see that you are selling scarves, people won't buy those during spring or summer. 

Have you ever try other venues? eBay or Amazon perhaps? 


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Hi Sha! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

I agree with previous comments - you cannot compete on the price alone. A good practice would be to define why your visitors should buy from you and not from AliExpress or other competitors? Online users are smart and can tell which stores are dropshipping - why shouldn't they go to Ali and get the same item 70% cheaper? The product would be the same, as well as the delivery time. You need to think from your buyer's perspective - what would make them buy from you instead? There is a number of strategies that work for my dropshipping clients and that would also work for your business. Give me a should if you would like to learn more about them.

Also, don’t make all items on sale, it loses the scarcity perception and people will stop trusting if it’s a real deal.

Best regards,


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Your Price is very high, Sale on affordable price to get sales.