I would appreciate any criticisms

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Please look over my new Shopify website. www.gsdfan.com this website is based around the German Shepherd niche. 

I have put a bit of money towards advertisements and haven't made any sells yet.  I would appreciate your honest opinions as I want to learn all I can. Would appreciate any recommendations to increase sales. 

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On mobile you have multiple fake sales pop ups that cover each other. Remove them both as the fake sales pop don’t work.
Change your menu to have tour different collections listed. Remove the collections, shop, accounts, etc. from the menu.
Not sure what egg offer is but those items are totally unrelated to your site and makes it looks scammy.
Change your add to cart button to a bright color.
There are a decent amount of other optimizations that need done that will help your store convert. I would recommend hiring someone on fiverr to help you know everything that needs done. https://www.fiverr.com/s2/063bc659af?utm_source=CopyLink_Mobile