I would appreciate honest feedback on our store.

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Hello Shopify Community,

We want your honest feedback on our website. We are currently in the process of adding over 1000+ products but decided to wait to get some feedback before we invest to insure that our website is well optimized. Whether it is design or anything else you notice or would like to give feedback on, please do. We appreciate your honest feedback. Thank you all!


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Hi Sam! Maggie, Shopify Partner here :)

Your logo is absolutely fabulous, and I love your header flames video. Your url is also great. I love that you are keeping everything black - it gives your store more elegance. Your homepage will look even better if you were to display three items per row instead of five. This will make the images bigger, and it will give your store more premium and exclusive feel. This kind of design will also make your products feel more desirable to buyers, which will translate into bigger sales.

I would also add a promotional image to your homepage - full-width image or a slide show. It will help you engage with your visitors and prompt them to click through to one of your collections and browse. Your homepage will benefit from more varied content. See a great example of a promo image:



It has got a simple tagline, few words of the intro and a CTA [call to action] asking people to click and shop. It’s a great way to make a website engaging and fun to browse.

Your collection page has an excellent layout - all product images have the same dimensions, giving you a polished, elegant layout. Your product titles are unique and SEO friendly.

Product page looks great as well - you have related products and add to cart button clearly displayed. Consider also writing unique product descriptions for each item. It will help you stand out from other drop shipping stores, it will improve your SEO with unique content and will help you engage with potential shoppers.

About us page looks great. Consider also adding longer content here, and add more info about your brand and your team. It’s a great place to introduce yourself and tell your visitors who’s behind the scenes. This page is perfect for building trust, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to build a rapport with your customers. Trust plays a huge role for online shoppers - people love to know who they are buying from and a great About us page with your image can help you earn extra points and improve your conversion rate.

Shipping and Returns page looks excellent - you have all the necessary info in place.

Contact us page looks great - consider also hyperlinking your email address for a 1-click-contact. Learn how to do it now: https://www.rockpapercopy.com/blog/email-hyperlink

Your blog has plenty of SEO friendly content - fantastic work! It’s a great way to improve your SEO and drive organic traffic - perfect.

Social media icons - consider opening them in new tabs, so you don’t lose traffic from your own website.

Instagram - you have a great and engaging content. People love this kind of inspirational messages. Consider also adding promotional content in a ratio of 80/20 [80% entertaining, 20% promotional], promoting your items. You can tie it all together and post inspirational messages, but at the same time posting an image of a fashionable gent, therefore building your branding:



Your Facebook page content looks excellent - and you have a great content posting ratio here - very engaging.

SEO score is 62/100 - very good!

Your website is perfectly ready for more products. Consider just working on the elements mentioned. Also, design stronger customer journey [sales funnel] across your website - from your homepage to the checkout to have a defined visitor flow. It will help you significantly boost your conversion rate. Your sales will improve, especially with 1000s of new products coming.

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Best regards,


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Hi Sam, I browsed your store and I very much like it. The minimalistic design you have looks very good.

I also like the fire on your homepage.

Did you think about changing the background where you have the fire for every product category? It might look good to have it specific for every collection page.

There is one thing that kind of messes up the design for me. That is the size chart you have for your suits. Is the chart the same for every suit you sell? It might look better if you would put it to separate page. Or maybe insert it into a window with a scroll bar so it would not be so long. 

With this many products, you should also count on the fact that people will have a hard time to decide and won't make a purchase during the first visit. They will need more time to think about it. You should use retargeting ads. They will help you get those visitors back to finish the sale. You can check out ROI Hunter Easy app for that.

Another good type of ads for you would be dynamic search ads. Instead of making search ads for every category or product specifically you only upload a product feed and the ads will be created automatically from it based on the searches people make. You can use ROI Hunter Easy for that too. Just send an application from the app and the team will take care of creating and uploading the feed and starting the ads.

Hope it helps.