I would like feedback on my store, before I start producing ads.

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Hey Guys! Me and my partner built our store together and would like some feedback on what we can change and what to do next..we were thinking of starting with Instagram influencers instead of FB ads so any direction, feedback, or help would be appreciated.


The site is https://lifeloon.com/

Thanks in advance


Hi @lifeloon 


The good thing about your niche is there is some really awesome ways you could bring people to your website for free. Reach out if you want some more information. 


As for the website few suggestions on what to work on. 


Home Page: I'd make this flow little better and have some call to actions with links. 


Product Reviews: I'm not sure if this product really has 30+ 5 star reviews but if it doesn't I'd add at least one or two 4 star reviews. Looks more realistic. 


About & Contact Pages: I'd add both of these pages. The good thing about this niche also is you can really write a awesome about page that relates and builds connection with visitor. 


I'll also email you something that should really help you out so keep a look out for that. 


Overall you have done a good job. I love the product description. 



Clayton Bates 

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Hi @lifeloon 


I just took a look at your store and I think it looks really good. There are just a few minor things that I might consider changing


After looking I couldn't find reviews. Adding reviews would help your customers research the products they are going to buy. Plus if someone likes a product they bought from you they can leave a review.


I wasn't able to find a blog. Adding a blog to your site would help to increase SEO on your site.


After carefully reviewing I don't see social media links. Adding social media for your store can go a long way in fostering a brand


You might consider adding a FAQ section. Adding an FAQ section to your store can help your customer more easily be able to find a solution to their problems without asking you. This will help long into the future so you don't need to spend so much time on customer support


One thing to consider is adding a sense of urgency. One of the main reasons why people don't buy from a store is because they feel like they can buy it whenever. A big thing that can help more of your visitors be turned into buyers would be by adding a sense of urgency to your store. One way to add urgency is to have a sale, and all sales need an end date. You can easily add a sale to your store with a countdown timer. One countdown timer that I recommend is https://apps.shopify.com/better-countdown .


You know your store is actually quite good, and I think with just a bit of love and care, you will be able to really succeed.

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Hi @lifeloon


I just reviewed your store, it's amazing. You need to work on a few aspects to improve your store and increase your sales.


Suggestions for the website:


Product Images & Description: Product page formatting is messed up, it should be nicely spaced and visually appealing.  Insert images into the carousel. Display the extended product details using tabs. Also, it provides the functionality of zooming to every image.


Homepage: Add more sections on the homepage such as ‘blogs’, ‘Top selling products or best selling products’, ‘New arrivals’, ‘offers & discount banners’ to engage users.


Add call to action: Use good CTA it can increase conversion and sales.


Live Chat Support: A website with no live chat is like a store with no sales assistant. Start a conversation with your visitors and turn them into happy customers. So integrate live chat support on your website.  


Structured Data: I noticed a non-standard implementation of structured data.  


Contact Us and About Us Page: It would be nice if you build contact us and about us page in the footer or it can be displayed at the top right portion of the header.


Sticky Header: You can create a sticky header. Sticky header is something that remains fixed to the top of the website, and are visible even when you scroll down. It gives a better navigation experience to the user.


Product Availability: It's a good practice to show product availability information to the users to attract or please the customer.


Suggestions to increase sales:


Facebook and Instagram both platform returns good results and both have their own advantages and disadvantages.  Instagram is best for brand marketing while Facebook is better for direct response advertising. According to your niche and demographics, think about where you will find more female users. Use the data you have about your existing customer. 


Influencers Marketing helps to get high exposure so I would suggest going with Instagram first for brand awareness.  


Gmail Sponsored Promotions: Gmail Sponsored Promotions can deliver high volumes of conversions so you can give Gmail ads a try.


Create a Sense of Urgency: Creating a sense of urgency helps increase sales.


Show off trust signals and customer testimonials to boost conversion: Customer testimonials and trust Signals build customers' trust and help customers to feel more secure in their buying decision. 


Payment Options: Make it easy for your customers to pay. Provide as many payment options as possible.  


A/B testing: Always try  A/B testing to see which version of the webpage is performing better for you and where you can improve conversion.


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!!

Thank You!

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After having a look at the store, I conclude that it is quite unprofessional. You can work on a few aspects mentioned down below which will help you in settling UI and overall functionality which will build trust for visitors and eventually drive you a lot better sales.

  1. I would love to see an Account login/sign-in system, as it is a must for an eCommerce.

  2. For engaging new customers, you can add a section of best-selling products.

  3. For some sales at the start, you need to offer some discounts to get going as a promotional offer.
    Also, it would be great if you can create a separate sale page for discounted products.

  4. Please use an adequate amount of blank space.

  5. Follow the professional layout on the home page. 

    Home Page should flow better. I would recommend setting it out like this. 

    Slideshow Image 

    Collection List 

    Something Interesting ( maybe little about your story with a link to about page ) 

    Newsletter Sign Up 

    Popular Products ( 4-8 Max ) I would only use 4

  6. The slider images used are of poor quality. Clear, high-resolution images are the only option to woo the buyers. Edit images perfectly before uploading.

  7. You should put your store name on the top instead of on the main image of your home page it is not visible there, A professional store always places their Store Name on the top. 

Once you are done with the improvements start focusing on the engagement part. Make sure you are providing proper engagement channels. I will suggest you add pop-ups, chatbots, reviews, and other marketing tools along with the newsletter to increase the traffic on a daily basis on your website. Also, increasing customer engagement will make your website more interactive which will help you in conversions and retaining your customers.

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