I would like some feedback on my store : swoodee.com

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Hey Everyone, 


I'm looking for some feedback on my new store : www.swoodee.com

before i start promoting it , 

the store is in dutch, but don't let that hold you back to give some feedback on the design  and such :)


thanks and best regards





Here are some ways to make your store even better and make people want to purchase.


Homepage Feedback

    1. I would clean up the design of your homepage as as the images for the collection links are boring right now. They need help with branding

    2. I would look at adding collection links as main menu links

    3. Consider adding a Featured Product section on the homepage (i.e. XY Of The Month). Pick one products and tell people why you picked it and what makes it great

Product Page  Feedback

    1. Make sure each product has 3 - 5 images as that will help someone decide if they want to purchase. A lot of products I saw only had 1 or 2 images

    2. Add a section for customer reviews when you get them. This helps build social proof

    3. Add a longer product description as this is how you convince someone to buy on your site. Plus it helps with SEO and ranking in organic search

    4. Add a section at the bottom of product pages to show your most viewed/bought items from the site. This can help increase your average order value


Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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Hi Jurrie 


Few Suggestions 


Main Menu: I would clean this up a little.

  • Home 
  • Products ( Drop down menu to collections ) 
  • Blog ( Build connection )
  • About 
  • Contact 


Home Page: I would have a better flow here 

  • Slideshow Image
  • Collection List ( better images ) 
  • Image With Text ( Something Interesting ) 
  • Newsletter Sign Up ( Be Creative ) 
  • Popular Products ( 4-8 Max ) 


I love your slideshow image. Keep up the good work. 



Clayton Bates 

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Hey @!


Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. You've done some really nice work on that store, and I can see you have received some solid feedback from the Community already, but I'll just note a few things I'd personally change with the site design: 


- You should have a Favicon, you can base this off your existing branding. In fact, I think creating a fun logo would be ideal for a business in your niche. Is this something you have considered? 


- There could be more engaging images used on some parts of the site, for example, the three featured collections: (http://bit.ly/2Z1Lxee). You could use the same attractive color scheme, but I would suggest using some product photography or similar. 


- The bottom of your page looks messy because of the different apps that are fighting for the same real estate: (http://bit.ly/2Z7p27D). I'd recommend prioritizing which are the most effective and remove the rest. 


- The landing page, in general, is very light on content. I think some Image with Text sections would suit this website. You can include a little about who you are as a business, and what your mission statement is. 


- Peer reviews/Testimonials on the homepage would be a great addition too! It's been proven that peer reviews increase conversions. Even little excerpts from happy customers on the landing page goes a long way! 


How are you marketing/planning to market the business? 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi @swoodee 


Hope You Are Doing Good !!!


I would like you to appreciate your effort for creating store on Shopify. There are few suggestions, which I guess would help you in getting your store better. Please read the below recommendation, it will surely help you in improving your store :-


1)Logo- You must have proper logo, currently you don't have logo on your site. You can use the tools like hatchful for creation of logos, it is the free tool of Shopify. Logo basically designate the brand. 


2)Submenu- You have not created submenu. Now most of the big business use this strategy, you can create seperate menu for children toys, baby toys and education toys that would be better option even big brands like Amazon follows the same startegy.


3)Multiple Slider- You have used only one image in the slider, it would be better if you use 2-3 images, if you are launching your store, you can make one image as the offer image where you can mention details related to offers.


4)Discount- You can use the discount on Shopify to reflect the discount on project. There are two types of discount manual discount and automated discount, you can use that strategy, it is considered one of the best mechanism for conversion.


5)Footer- You can remove the powered by shopify from the footer. This is basically designate the branding of Shopify, you can add your business name over there. Process for adding name in the footer is very simple, you can update that part from the footer.liquid file.


6)Facebook Sales Channel- You are not using facebook sales channel currently, through sales channel you can list your products in Shop section of facebook, ultimately after this your follower would turn into buyer.

For more details you can reach me on my email-id arpansrivastava@cedcommerce.com. Related to furthur information regarding development of Shopify store you can visit the following page. 




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