I would love feedback on my Tropical Lifestyle Blog

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We are starting to push the blog more...and wouldn't you know it, sales have gone up! Go figure :)
So here it is. https://islandjay.com/blogs/islander-blog
This is the blog from the Parallax theme with some minor tweeks.

First impressions? Good? Bad? I can take constructive criticism!

We have a lot of content lined up. My only concern going forward is the eventual quantity of articles and having customers sorting to find something. But the flip side is usually customer find these articles directly because of organic google searches or Facebook posts. So how much looking are they doing?

I appreciate the insight.


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Hey Jason!

Bailey here, a Shopify Guru :)

My first impression right off the bat is that it looks GREAT! I'm very impressed! The bright image colours are perfect and really help with giving your site a continuous look.

One of the best questions you can ask yourself when blogging is what is your blog about, you want to be able to summarize this within a sentence. And you've done a great job at keeping all of your posts relevant to your store itself, continuing in that direction would be what I would suggest :)

As for your concern of searching through blog posts once you've racked up a higher post count, I did run through some searches using your search bar on the right and it works like a charm.  And I see that you already have some tags set up, so that's a help with searches as well.

One last suggestion, you could consider adding in a small excerpt for the posts, your titles are quite straight forward already, but it could do the trick to draw someone into a post they may have scrolled past.

Hope that helps! :)

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