I would love feedback on my store

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Hey I’m new to Shopify and I did a lot of research and tried my best to set up my store and would greatly appreciate any feedback before launching
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We would all love to review your store but it seems like you haven't given us a link!

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Ok I thought I put it up there but I must be did something wrong. I’ll try again
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Hi there @KingdomVibes!


Don here from Shopify. :)


Your store looks well put together, it's bright and the layout is fairly clear.


The next things you will need to think about are how to get people to your site and how to turn those visitors into spenders.


You can get some ideas about how to attract traffic here on our ways to make your first sale blog.


One way you might think about getting these visitors to convert is by adding a call to action to your site.


Have a look through the info I shared here and think about how you might apply this for your business.


All the best!





Don | Social Care @ Shopify
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Hi Candice,


Congratulations on setting up your store! Here is my feedback:


Logo: needs to be larger and clearer. Maybe a black logo on the white background?


Call to action: put a Shop Now button on the home page main image.


Main image: this image of the roses, while beautiful doesn’t really communicate what you sell. Find or take photos which really relate to your brand. We have only three seconds to grab a visitor's attention. Images will be the first thing someone sees and uses to judge a website subconsciously.


Navigation: Add more items in your navigation e.g. Home / Catalog / Blog / Contact


Contact page:  add the physical address, email address (branded), phone number and a contact form. All great for building trust.


Collections: your featured collection could be more well-defined. Maybe have a collection for clothes and another for jewelry?


Favicon: adding one makes your brand visible on the page tab. Here's a guide to adding one.


Home page text content: add a couple of paragraphs of text about your store. This will be good for SEO. Here’s a helpful SEO guide.


Blog: it’s great to see you’ve started your blog. Blogging regularly will be great for SEO.


Shipping Information Page: add a page for this and be very clear about how long it will take and if it's coming from the manufacturer or not. Link to it in the footer.


Announcement bar: add one of these at the top of homepage offering a discount or free shipping.


Testimonials / Reviews: when you get some add these so they’re easy to see.


Trust Badges: display badges of communities / organisations you’re a member of. E.g. your local church etc. This will build trust.


If you've found this helpful, then please click Like below. 


All the best with your store,

Gavin Crowley


Shopify Developer

gavincrowleyonline.com is a Shopify Partner who develops and customizes outstanding Shopify stores

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As you have already received quite a bit of feedback as well as some excellent links for improving your site, I hope you don't mind that I cut right to it. If you are the only person making the actual edits on your site, you might have become "nose-blind" to errors. Even with guidance from this forum, you are still likely to overlook points of interest or mistakenly create new issues.


That's why I strongly suggest double checking your site using our Free store analyzer tool. It will help you to optimize your site since we cannot always catch every detail at a glance, let alone the details going on behind the scenes. This creates a problem as these details can dramatically affect the effectiveness and purposefulness of your site as well as your advertising budget.


Our Free store analyzer will:

  • create a Personalized Store-Readiness Report
  • deliver in-depth guidelines for store optimization
  • notice the details that SEO crawlers- before it's too late


So, using a free Store Checkup Tool like the one from AdScale just might be of help! 


If you have any more questions, feel free to contact me.

Smart advertising campaigns across Google and Facebook, using advanced AI technology. https://ecom.adscale.com/shopify
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