I would love for an honest review you of my shopify store

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I would love for anyone who knows anything about shopify to help me with an honest review of my store jcmediahouse.com 

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Hey @!

Cal here from Shopify, thanks for reaching out to us. I love your store, and I love the concept of finding something entirely unique by trawling through it. There are a few suggestions I'd like to make based on my experience in the store: 

  • Text on the banner image a little small and hard to read
  • Pixelated graphics behind the Learn More boxes. 
  • Difficult to read text again on your collection items. 
  • With sections like your About Us, just make sure there is consistency in capitalization. Would it also benefit from being justified text? 
  • While there are clear sections, I still feel there could be better thought out navigation to the store. We have a great article here that you might be interested in on this topic. 

Is this your first online store? How are you planning to market this type of marketplace? Have you identified specific target demographics? 

Cal | Social Care @ Shopify 
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Hi @jcmediahouse welcome to Shopify community 

Hope your business is going well during these difficult times.

1. Free shipping is the biggest enticement for shopping online. And I see that free shipping isn't an option right now. So either you can provide free shipping as Standard (normal delivery), and shipping charges applied for Expedited (faster delivery)| or you could provide free shipping for orders above a certain value. Either of these, it will help you get more sales/increase conversions. 

2. Resourceful guidance & help: Not having support or not having adequate information is a huge frustration for a lot of online buyers. Consider adding a chat plugin to your site for people to contact you while they are shopping.

3. Your product page is where shoppers can learn more about a product and understand whether it is worth purchasing. By optimizing your product page and adding elements that increase its appeal, you can increase conversions and maximize your sales. 

    Read more in our blog here to get a complete rundown of how to set up Shopify product pages and what elements you need to set up to get a high-converting product page.

I hope this helps!



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Thank you

For taking the time out of your day to review my store. I take it traffic is everyones


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Hi Cal, Thank you so much for a real decent honest review

and you're really astute Question you already know the answer to

Yes I truly think I am wasting my time. But I am learning a lot about these platforms and how they earn money and they're ethical stance

Thank you for a different set of eyes

much appreciated

Stuart Cudlip

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Wow how embarrassing. Sorry I very rarely like to out people 


But thank goodness for decency and honesty Cal | Social Care @ Shopify