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I've designed most of my website images using Canva. I am now trying to add new banner images to pages (other than the home page and product/collections pages). Even though these images are high resolution when I get them from Canva, they appear quite blurry on the website itself. 

Has anyone else had this issue/ managed to figure out how to fix the resolution?

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Hey did you find a solution to this problem ?

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Hey @TSTgames,

It usually comes down to one of these three things:

1. When you save the image on Canva, it saves as a low quality image or .jpg (.png would be the best).

2. The image is too BIG and is compressed into a lower quality when uploaded.

3. The image is too SMALL and gets stretched out/blurred when it tries to fit the space.


If you send me your store link I can take a look. Best to get the exact pixel size first, then create your graphic to match the exact measurements of the space.

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