In need of some serious feedback!!! Thanks in advance.

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Greetings Shopify Community,


I am in need of feedback for my fashion accessory store Faddishi. As of today, I have been live for about 3 weeks and have had absolutely 0 sales (with the exception of 2 family members for support =)). According to Google Analytics, I so far have had 900 unique page views. I average about 78 customers/ day, with a bounce rate of a whopping 76%, the average session is about 48 seconds, and my exit rate is 58%. It's almost as if they only accidentally click on my ads. In addition, my return visitor rate is 7.5%.  I promote my products on Google, Facebook, and Instagram. Please offer any critiques/ advice on any improvements that I may need to make. I appreciate any and all responses.


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Ok so your header says free shipping on domestic orders... but what does that mean exactly? You want your language to be super clear so if it means the USA then put that. If it means the UK then put that.

You need real products descriptions that tell people why they should buy that item as well as why they should buy from your company.

Remove the dynamic checkout buttons from your product page and change the add to cart button to a bright color.

Remove the checkout buttons from your cart. You only want one button there... add to cart.

Your button color in cart should match your new bright add to cart button.

Your logo on checkout looks tiny. Either recreate the logo or make it far bigger.

I would consider hiring someone on upwork or fiverr to give you further help. A good one is
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I had look into your website. I have few suggestions on your store.
I suggest You can add zooming feature, And some of the items images are not in quality use high quality images.
I would suggest including item reviews too, as reviews for customers to share their positive experience thus different customers can see the reviews and be influenced to purchase.
And i have observed one of the have gallery images and variants but few are matching and few are not I mean check this image, I suggest you can modify it.
And am unable to find you and your company/store, I suggest you can add about us page. Your company’s About Us page is another opportunity to tell a story that will help you stick in your customer’s minds. Otherwise, Your website looking not bad.

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Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely be making some of these changes. Also thanks for the Fiverr referral.
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Thanks for catching the variant discrepancy and offering feedback. I will make the changes that you have suggested.