Inconsistent Sales and Traffic without Conversions

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We are a consignment store with a physical location in Belleville Ontario in addition to the online boutique. We relaunched the online boutique last June as before then it had very few products and zero sales. Since then we have had some success with both our existing customer base buying from the website and new people buying from us. The problem is that sales and traffic are very inconsistent and we can go a week or more with no conversions. I have tried google adwords only to spend a ton of money with no sales.

I would love some feedback on the site to see if there are obvious barriers to conversion. Any suggestions would be appreciated.



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The site looks good and there's nothing glaringly obvious, as far as I can see. However, as I'm sure you know, it's all the minor things that can add up to an improved conversion rate. Some initial things I spotted:

  • SEO - Definitely think the site needs some attention in this area - an opportunity for free traffic, rather than just spending money on Adwords. Title tags are the most important on-page element, and it's the key opportunity to tell searchers (and google) what the page is about. Taking the homepage as an example, it repeats your whole (long name), which is unecessary.
  • Personal opinion, but I felt that the top navigation felt like an onslaught of too many categories, scattered within the pink banner. Perhaps a consolidated number of top navigation items would help. I also think the top nav is too deep, forcing visitors to scroll down before they're able to see a product page.
  • The scrolling banner below the nav is very deep, and doesn't really seem to offer much. Perhaps this could be shallower in depth, and instead informs people more about you and your USPs. You only get a second or two before a visitor decides whether they're going to bounce out of the site, and so this area of the page is vital (and I'd suggest currently under-used).
  • Whether it's selling furniture or fashion, obviously building trust is key. Some nice testimonials (on that page) and perhaps adding some others (or copying the existing ones) to the homepage would help. 
  • Login / create an account. This can disuade many who want quick transactions and don't want to have to remember another password for yet another site, and so might be worth removing this if it's non-essential.
  • The site is missing a favicon (i.e. the 'mini-logo' on the browser tab). This can be easily added in Shopify.

Hope these help, and all the best for the future growth of the site.

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Hi, Kimberly! Maggie, a Shopify Partner here :)

Where can I start... the menu is too big, logo looks amateurish, the sliding image is not optimized to convert, the homepage has too many random elements put together... Sorry to be blunt, though. 

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I appreciate blunt. Thanks for the feedback

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Hey Fashionlista,
A lack of online sales can be a result of many things. How are your traffic numbers, where are your customers falling off?
I would love to try helping you dive deeper. I run the website: , a platform that helps consignment stores manage and grow there business.
I am interested in learning more on what you do to help you and also learn more about the struggles facing consignment owners coming online.
I would love to chat and help you out, if you do have this problem. You can reach my anytime at: