Installing facebook pixel event code

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I have been trying recently to add facebook pixel event code to my store (under the simple theme). I want to add code instead of using the built-in integration since I use a cookie blocker that blocks cookies on my site (including the pixel) until my customers have accepted the cookies.


Whilst installing the main pixel has been fine, it seems like its not even possible to add certain event code to shopify which is pretty essential for the pixel to function. For example, to track if someone has made a purchase, I need to add code to the page shown after an order has been placed, yet this seems to be one of the pages missing from the code that I cannot seem to access. I know you can add some code to the 'additional scripts' box under settings > checkout, but that didn't seem to work.


Has anyone else had this issue? I really don't know if I can properly use the facebook pixel and also remain GDPR compliant.



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Dear Yonah_Palen,


Use Google tag manager or facebook event tool