Is it seasonality or site effectiveness?

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Hi all-

Been up and running for a few months with our hunting accessory products, which are *very* seasonal. Would love to have some feedback as we head into the "hot" months for deer hunting.  

We've had some decent traffic from via adwords campaigns (display and search), but no conversion.  Cart adds are <1%.

Little/no social traction as Facebook bans any ads that point to hunting or weapons (unless, of course, you're a multi-million dollar retailer).

Adwords ads are pointing customers right to the focus product shopping page.

Please have a look and I'd appreciate your feedback!

Best regards,
Mike   (should redir to my branded domain)

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Great question. Seasonality is a huge issues. 

It depends on if your brand is direct to consumer.

Wholesalers, for example, typically buy based on seasons. But today’s brands don't necessarily want to be restricted to selling based on a seasonal flow. It’s simply not the way their business and production processes work.

That’s the attraction of legacy going direct to consumer. Companies can finally take back control over how their brand merchandises and messages its products. Especially if their products have a unique selling propositions. They don’t want to rely solely on the stores to put the products out in the right places for the right people, or for the local sales reps to be educated about it. It's all about control.

We wrote a longer blog post about this today, if you're interested:

Hope that helps! Good luck to ya


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