Is it time to close our store, no sales, some views

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 Hi we are having abandoned carts in our store, no sales and it is quite frustrating, I belive our store looks nice we have about 17 items listed. Based on this should we close the store as we are seeing no sales in over a year.

Please advise what you think

Our store


Thank you, Joe

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Hello Joe, 

My name is Zindy Monet and I manage SEO and Social Media for local businesses in NYC. Here on Shopify, I try to connect with fellow Shopify-ers who are having issues such as your own and provide honest feedback - which sometimes is a hard pillow to swallow. 

While that's sometimes hard to do, I do it becuase we are sometimes too close to the situation to see what the issues may be. 

As a customer, I took a look at the site and no - it does not look good, not at all. I looked at it on a desktop and on mobile. On my ride home from Manhattan I stopped several riders to randomly ask what they thought of the site and the sentiment was universal, which is: 

  1. the site does not look good
  2. it's not a good look
  3. it is not streamlined
  4. and other words were shared but this should be enough

This is not a good-looking website on desktop and it is off on mobile. 

Home Page - should be a hub where you go to other pages for what you're selling. Here are examples of sites you should be using as reference for your store: 



Lord and Taylor



These websites look nice, clean and consistent - take note of the size, they're all consistent, letterning placement - all aligned, etc. The image, background, wording and price should be CONSISTENT throughout. These websites also use the main page as the "hub" where you go from the home page to the place of interest and not necesarrily have all 17 pieces on the main page. 

If you're using a theme consider styling it after another jewelry website. 

Add color to invite the shoppers in - again, look at examples of where you browse, where you shop, this site is bland and generic, there is no logo, no consistency in the layout and not attractive to potential customers. 

Would you have any metrics as to bounce rate, visitors per day and mainly HOW these visitors found your website? Are you advertising? Where and HOW are you targeting your customers - what groups are these "customers" in and how are you wording your ads? 

What on- and off-page SEO have you done to your website. It's not enough to open an online site and expect to sell daily without invsting in Seach Engine Optimization for your site, having an asthetically professional look and great pictures. 

The pictures on the main page - should be removed and cataloged, there is NO About Us page to learn who you are and why this jewelry, why bronze of all metals and what this means to you. Online selling is a professional relationship that develops over time. 

How are you collecting emails to remarket? 

Do you retarget?

The Blog page is inconsistent and isn't reading as a blog - a blog is more of a help or how to or more inside information other than "welcome to the store". 

Your website is not a purchased domain and under the listing - that would be the first thing to change.

The home page AND catalog page have the exact same products on them - consider hosting your products on the Catalog page instead of the home page.

The site has no social media - the icons on the bottom go to the Shopfiy social media instead of that of your site with branding (logo) and matching color scheme. 

There is a TON of work that can be done to improve your store's visibility, ranking and conversions but it will take you a lot of work hour to accomplish this. As a SEO and Social Media Consultant, I have not run any reports and was able to give a quick look at the pages, links, products, asthetics, theme, color, etc., to provide you with this information.  

Thankfully, as an small business owner, we understand the "work" involved in running our business.  

I hope that you receive this information as it was intended -- to help you do well and keep your business running and growing. 

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It's hard. This question goes through my mind ALL the time. I am always working on the site,, but have slow page views unless I am constantly running Google ads, which I cannot afford to do constantly. 

I do have some days and even weeks where I really slack off. I know I shouldn't, but when I get really frustrated with things, I have to step back to think and calm my frustrations. I am sticking with it, as I would really love to have my business full time. My body is tired of my house cleaning business that I've been working for over 14 years!

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Of course it's hard and when you're competiting with millions of others who have had their site live for longer, how do you gain traffic? 

SEO, Social Media and targeted ads - the SEO and Social Media are free, targeted ads are paid - what is your online strategy to target customers who are looking for your product?

It's ok to be frustrated but measure and look and then grow - you can't correct what is not measured. 

What are your stats? 

Who do you target?

Where and how? 

This has to be done daily - like the cleaning job otherwise it gets stale (dusty). 

Same difference. 

Good luck and keep on.

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Zindy, very true. I don't try to compete with the big guys, and I know that my niche is very saturated as well. I try to make up for that with decent prices (I think they are), and excellent customer service. Pretty much how I also treat my cleaning customers.

When I run the google ads (I have done both the express, and regular, more targeted than express) I get a very good click through rate that runs over 50%. I would have to log in and check the actual stats to get exact amounts. My ads are targeted to women ages 20-40. Most customers have been in the late 20's range, with a few men as well, shopping for gifts.

The most popular category is the ring sets, with sterling silver coming in second. 99.9% of them shop from their phone/tablet. 

I work on SEO as well as having an Instagram and Facebook. I don't run ads on these sites because when they click from either one, they don't stay long (under a minute). I use mostly Instagram for interactions and to gain followers in my target age range. 

I also have the blog. I really don't care to write and I am not good at it LOL I do it for SEO only. It hasn't done much in my opinion for SEO though, not sure why.




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Really amazing feedback Zindy. We'd love it if you could give us the same kind of honest feedback on our forum post.

Thanks for your time!

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Hey there Lisa! I'm sure you've already got enough great feedback from Zindy, but looking at your site some things I'd want to fix fast are: making the images more consistent, i.e no or similar backdrops to the images, and also I'd add a contact us page.

Best of luck!