Is my data good? Why little sales?

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I believe I’m getting good data but I’m not sure. My store has had 237 visitors, 3 sales, and $115 dollars in sales. I get between 30-40 visitors a day I’ve only been running for a week. I’ve spent almost $400 in Facebook ads and I’m not sure if this is working or not. My landing page is

but I want to change it to

I haven’t had a sale in 3 days I’ve had over 120 visitors since then. Please help me understand. 

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I think it is a bit difficult to tell without looking at what your product and website is. 

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Hi @Tonicapo

Have taken a look at your store. 

And your biggest problem is that you're having too much content on your landing page. Too many sections on the site. 

Check this site out to see the example:

Hope this helps!


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Hi @Tonicapo welcome to Shopify community 

Hope your business is going well during these difficult times. I checked your store website, and I have a few tips and feedback I'd like to share:

1. Build confidence by using social proof: Social proof comes in many forms. They can be reviews, trust badges, customer testimonials, videos, ratings, etc. Customers are more likely to trust you when you have social proofs that establish you’re a reputable brand other people are already buying from.

------> Reviews: Get more reviews in your products, this is for shoppers to gain some confidence in buying from your store. To know more about how to ask for reviews politely, you can read it here.

------>Add trust badges and trust seals: One of the easiest things you can do to make your e-commerce site more trustworthy is to add trust badges, this will make them feel more comfortable making a purchase. You can read about it here.

Add Wishlist to your website. They are a great way to alert customers about a sale, drive traffic to your site. Also you can do more target oriented email campaigns. Also Add to Cart and Checkout Page needs to have a bit more planning - like giving users a visual checkout process, and option to continue shopping from the checkout page.

Have a featured collection based on your offers, new arrivals, best sellers, etc. This will grab the attention of customers when they browse the homepage itself. Also adding more graphic product labels/stickers like Sale, Fast Selling, Free Shipping can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. You can read more about it here.

4. Adding product stickers/trust badges can help increase your sales by tapping into powerful psychological triggers such as scarcity, social proof, and urgency. Also having graphic and personalized stickers on products will help grab attention of customers easily and nudge them to purchase.

I hope this helps!



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