Is my store running correctly?

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Hey guys, lately in the last 2 days or so my store has been acting weird when clicking buy now or add to cart. It doesn't seem to work half the time.  The currency converter also seems to have stopped working. I have tried clearing my cookies but it is still happening. Can you guys please check to see if you have the problem as well? My site is 

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Hi there, 


I faced the exact same issues as you did. 


The currency is not converting the price, moreover, it keeps reverting to USD over and over


The add to cart button is insensitive and there is another button appearing at the bottom of the page that also says Add to cart but also does nothing. 


If you have had developers or apps work with any of those features, you might want to have them take a look at it. If not, contact theme vendor. 


Wish you all the best! 


P.S. Love the colors of your site . 

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Really cute products and  love that you only display a few reviews per item, which looks much more authentic. Really lovely store :)