It's Been Months and No Sales :(

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Hi Everyone


I am wondering if you can have a look at my website and advise what sticks out to you where you think I may be going wrong. It is an online women’s fashion boutique. 


I have had no sales what so ever since I have set the website up earlier this year. A few ‘add to carts’ but nothing more. I have sent out abandoned cart emails a few days after they appeared by no recoveries. In regards to pricing, compared to my competitors I have noticed I’m slightly cheaper. 


Shopify tells me I am in the top 22% of stores that started at the same time as me.


I am aware some of my pictures are not to the best quality – am I trying to change these as soon as possible but with limited time at the weekend it is a bit difficult… slowly but surely! The new pictures also include the reverse side of the product so the consumer can view all angles of the product. I have noticed the products with these new images get far better views.


I am aware I don’t have an ‘’ email address but an ‘’ one – something I am looking into at the moment. 


There is free delivery offers mentioned on the site and a 20% off code for your first order.


I have also done a few Instagram ads which did increase website and product views. I haven’t done any on Facebook so this is where I was looking to aim next. 


What do you guys think? You can be honest – I’ll take it as constructive criticism!


Many thanks

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Hi Laura:

Are you trying to improve your SEO?

Did you try to run some SEM? And if you are running, what platforms are you using?



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Hi Rodrigo


I'm not currently trying to improve SEO although something I can definitely improve as I think it's an area I'm lacking in. 



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You have some really good pictures of your products. Try to get all of them on the same level as the one for Cara Slit Knee Distressed Jeans. This is a nice example of a great picture of a product.
And the one for Laila Multi Slash High Waisted Jeans is also really nice. Just two examples ;)
Otherwise, your shop looks really good. You can add a trust factor in your store in order to gain some sales. An example of a trust factor are the recent order pop-ups. You can add them to your store with this app. If you don't have any sales yet, you can add a few manually in the app. It will definitely help you gain sales, just like it did for a lot of other store owners.

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Make sure you're testing the store on phones. That's where 90% of your business will come from these days. Biggest issue I noticed for the type of items you sell is that the photos don't have a zoom when viewed on a phone screen.

Personally I wouldn't add one of theose recent order pop-ups especially if you make up false sales like so many do. Shoppers are wise to those sort of tricks these days and it's hard to regain trust once it's been lost.

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Hi Laura,

Your website looks great! I mean it's really well done, everything is in one clear theme and the colours go well together.

Maybe I'm blind, but I'm not seeing any actualy social media links??? It also looks like you aren't posting regularly on Instagram (which is the best marketing platform for you). You should be posting once or twice a day, EVERY day. Every day that you don't posted, is a wasted day of free advertising. I know it can be very hard to come up with that amount of content, but you absolutely have to.

The more money you spend on logical marketing, the more you get back from your investment. Things like collaborating with people who have businesses that can help make yours seem more appealing (IE models if you sell clothes, chefs/photographers if you sell food items, etc), reach out to people who are currently marketing your niche (but aren't your competition) and get them to feature your product on their blog/social media.

If you haven't spent the time doing SEO, I would suggest working on that as well. I know SEO can seem daunting, but it's really as simple as googling other pages with similar content and creating your own search engine listing based on what sounds like it will fit with each page.

Are you running any ads? I would suggest Google Adwords, do a little bit of research to find out what your best keywords are. This also sounds daunting, but is quite easy. When creating the ads, make sure you include things like Free Shipping, Free Returns, Save ##%, etc etc. Basically think like a consumer when writing your ads, what would make you buy the products from your store over all of the others.

Best of luck!


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