Ive had my website for almost 3 months and i can not make sales.

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Please give me some feedback on my site. I have had this site for almost 3 months now, and i have yet to make progress with sales. I have been advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Been spending almost $100 EVERY 2-3 Days.. I initially started becuase i didn't think there would be much investment in it, however i have been treating my website like a full-time business. In saying that, A business should be making you money.. However my website just does not. I do not know what i am doing wrong as i have been watching tutorials and doing as what people say for Facebook ads. I have even optimised all my Google SEO to the best of my abilitly. Still can't see myself on the first few pages unless i type in my store name. Biggest problem would be the fact I am SPENDING TOO MUCH MONEY on the Facebook and Instagram ads. I can not afford to keep doing this. I have literally blown all my savings so far.


Maybe someone can help point me in the right direction. I have tried everything to my knowledge. 


kind regards,



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Hi Jay,

Great to see your store up and running! Personally I thought you have a really good-looking website. Your product images are of high quality, the look and feel is positive and definitely compels a casual visitor to dig deeper.

Sure you can improve a few things such as making your "About us" more comprehensive, or ensuring social follow buttons open in the new tab. But most of these things are add-ons and you still should be able to do well without them. 

As far as low sales are concerned, the first thing is to figure out the root cause. I would try to understand the reason why I am not getting the results with ads. Is it because customers are not visiting your website? That would mean your ads or pitch is not attractive enough. Or are they leaving without buying anything? It would probably mean there is an issue with your website optimization or your product prices. Since website is a funnel, not a hierarchy, it is important to analyse where exactly the source of leakage is. 

If it is the latter, a good way to go about it, I feel, is to do extensive A/B testing and take constant feedback from your customers proactively. There are few A/B testing and website optimization tools on App store that help you with pagewise analytics and heat maps. That should give you some insights into where the leakage is, how much time people spend on key areas such as homepage, product page, etc. 

As far as generating traffic is concerned, instead of relying purely on ads, I would also suggest you to explore other marketing options. Such as engaging with your potential target customers on say FB grps or forums. Word of mouth still remains the most effective way of marketing. In that sense, incentivising your existing users or buyers to share / recommend your content/products/website can prove really helpful. This enables you to penetrate into their social circle which was otherwise inaccessible.

Another good way to go about it, particularly on Instagram, is to have the campaign-based approach. Instead of running generic ads, what you can do is focus on a particular event, festival or a message. Instagram is an excellent channel to run such campaigns. Influencer-driven campaigns can give you such micro-boosts and then you can complement it with your own customers promoting your brand.

You might want to consider adding shoppable instagram feed / fanreels or galleries and leveraging UGC to build a social proof on your website. Since you seem to have a good follower count on Instagram, this technique can help you with better conversion rate and encourage impulse buying behavior.

Happy selling!



Sumit D

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Hi Jay!

One of the most prominent hurdles involved in launching a store and getting a steady volume of traffic early on is the sheer cost involved in paid advertising, and for a lot of fledgling businesses they can go down a route of disproportionate expenditure on paid advertising.

To assist with this, I would like to point you towards the Kit app which operates as a virtual assistant who upon review of your store will offer you daily suggestions on how to better target your audience through utilising social media, email marketing campaigns and pointed paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

So crucially, it should hopefully help you utilise paid social media advertising is a more effective and cost-efficient manner.

Hope this helps!

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