Just launched! Feedback is appreciated.

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Hello everyone! I just launched my store, www.floydandjean.com, and wanted to get some feedback. 

A little about the store, we are an online women's boutique with a city chic vibe  

We opened on Monday, October 3rd and have had a little over 300 visits thanks to an ad we are running on Facebook and Instagram. Unfortunately we have only had 3 sales and 2 of them were friends from my school.

Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong?

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HI Kkelseym,

Stephen a Shopify Guru here :)

I had a look over the store and you guys did a Fantastic Job setting this store up, You straight away get a good feel for the store and everything is very professional looking.

The only suggestions I have would be to darken the text a little as the dark grey against the white background could be hard to read for people who have poor vision. I would also suggest adding a size chart to your products page this will help any customer placing an order who may not be familiar with US clothing sizes. This guide will show you the steps needed to set this in place https://help.shopify.com/themes/customization/products/add-size-chart

I also noticed that you do not seem to have a Facebook sales channel set in place for the store I would suggest setting this up for the store as It will give you a second platform to sell your products on and you can share the products with your customers. It will also help boost the stores SEO score making it easier for customers to find you on google.

Ok, and the last suggestion I have is to add your blog to the store and to update the blog with new posts at least twice a month. not only will this give you a great way to keep your customers updated with what you have planned for the store but it also add's content to the store. Seach engines like google decide search rankings based on two main things, Content and traffic and the blogs are one of the best ways to add content to your store. :D

Hope that helps, feel free to drop us a line at support@shopify.com if you have any other questions. 
Stephen :)

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Your site is nicely setup. I could get an impression of what you're selling right on landing on the site.

There are two important things missing though.

- A blog: If you want to improve your site's SEO thereby bringing organic traffic to your site, you should have a blog with useful and regularly updated content on it.

- Customer reviews: I don't see any reviews section on your product pages or reviews widget on your homepage. I'll recommend you start generating reviews from day 1 from customers and displaying them on your site. Since 63% of customers are more likely to make a purchase from a site that has customer reviews. Check this app out, it's free Kudobuzz Social Reviews.


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Hi Kkelseym!:

Just checked your website and i really liked it. I loved the design of your logo it is very fancy!

I think that you should also run Google Adwords because it will help you driving potential customers throught Google searching to your website!

f you are interested, we can make and run all your Adwords campaigns, create customized banners, give you support on Adwords questions... All this for free!

You can check out our application in this link: https://apps.shopify.com/cleverppc

If you have any question, keep contacting with me :)

Rodrigo Munoz

Marketing Department of Clever Ecommerce.