Just launched, need tips for conversions

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Hey, I just launched my store http://www.creatorsclubclothing.com/, and I'd like some feedback, aswell as tips how to get conversions. I'm on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest, however I'm not really using Facebook yet neither do I understand how Pinterest works.

As far as my site goes, I am aware of the lack of product photography, I'm dropshipping the t-shirts but I'll try to get some pictures of people wearing them soon.

Does anyone know any places/people I could contact to feature my product in any way? I'd like to promote my stuff on Instagram, but I'm not really sure on which page my product would fit. Also, what would be the best way to get conversions through Twitter? Currently these 2 platforms are my only way of reaching potential customers. I'll try to write a blog post soon so I can post it on reddit, etc.


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Hi Isabeau,

Your site looks nice. But it was not clear to me what it was all about, it took a second to sink in that you're selling tee's with a message geared towards bloggers/coders/photographers. it's pretty specific it may jsut take a bit of time for your customers to find you.

you should look at IFTTT to automate intagram and twitter content. Pintrest is great too, use buyable pins. All the info you need in on the Shopify blog. you'll find the trick with instagram is using hashtags and use lots of them!

use your blog!!

having profanity on your homepage may turn away customers. doesn't bother me personally but i can certainly see how it would turn some folks off.

good luck

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Wow! your opening slider image is awesome! Sets the tone for the whole page!

You are right, a few more product shots, and some of people wearing them would be awesome.

Consider an instgram feed across the bottom of the homepage, maybe run a photo challenge for instagram or something. You can pay instgram accounts to like and post photos for you also. 

Have a bit more fun with the about us page, add some images, create a cool vibe like your slider image does!

Most important, keep smiling ;)


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Hey Isabeau!

I love the concept of a club for creators! I agree the homepage image slider is awesome :)

I'd love for you to check out my app, Loox - Fashion Reviews (https://apps.shopify.com/loox-fashion-reviews). It will help you automatically collect visual reviews from customers. That will provide you with additional imagery as well as increase product page conversions.

Hope this helps!


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What they said above, but I'm not keen on the word 'represent', as bloggers basically want to feel independent, they want unique voices, not to represent each other.

I just saw the first of the three huge images before I dived in to the products page, so I missed the second and third introductions. This meant it took ages for me to see that it is just the central image that changes each time within the products. Maybe just calling your products 'camera t-shirt', etc will make that difference clearer, so I can see that more easily?

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When I clicked shop now i waited for about 30 seconds for something to happen once it had gone to the other page It shouldent be so hard to realize you have to scroll down. The header image is far to large for that page. site looks decent other than that.