Just launched on Debut Theme in Europe.

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I tried to keep it simple. Please have a look at my new shop: www.guypucill.eu


  1. Videos are local for full control, so i am not using Vimeo or YouTube.
  2. On products page I wanted the Variant color name text under each Variant image, but without Size indication. Solution was adding {{ image.variants.first.options.first }} to product-template.liquid file in the variant image  loop.
  3. I also made sure that Variant images are clickable and change the dropdown accordingly.

All in all very pleased with the Debut Theme :-)


Feedback is welcome :-)



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This is an accepted solution.

Hi Guy,


So, I'm going to take a slightly different approach here because you website feels more insular and personal than others. First of all, your shirts look pretty good and I like that kind of style. The videos in the beginning are a nice touch.


"Fun fitness t-Shirt designs made by Guy Pucill

Opening Sale on all T-Shirt's.

To order, please choose Design then print color (Black or White) and at last the fabric color of the t-shirt and its size.

I accept PayPal, Apple Pay, VISA, MasterCard and American Express."

That (^) isn't necessary. People already know how to order shirts and you can include your payment methods at the bottom of the page. Maybe the videos at the top plus "Fun fitness t-shirt designs made by Guy Pucill" in cursive directly below the videos? 


  • I would put a link called "Shop" at the top menu so that customers can choose the shirts they want.
  • There's a lot of information when you click on the product. I'd stick to the traditional layout of product pictures on the left and product title, price, "Add to cart," and product description on the right. All you need is a link to the size guide, so don't repost it for every page. Also, since your clothing isn't form fitting, the size guide should be minimized anyway because it's not really central to the sale of the product.
  • I see you recycled some product descriptions. I'd really recommend writing your own.
  • A good link layout for the top menu would be: "Home," "Shop," "Why did I make this store?" and "T-Shirt Facts."
  • Your "Contact me" can go as a separate page.
  • Your quick links could use some work as far as readability goes.

Hope this helps and best of luck!


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Hey Guy,


I agree with Beaships - your website feels more authentic and personal than the majority of other ecommerce websites out there, which is a huge plus. The four videos at the top are so engaging and they feel fun to watch the way you put them together - such a smart idea :)

The T-shirts designs are super creative and you are filling the market that currently exists, which is fantastic. 

I love 'Why this Shop' page where you explain that these are your actual drawings and also what inspired you to set up this store. I also love your photo wearing one of the shirts :) You should definitely feature it on the homepage - it creates an instant rapport with visitors and it will help you prompt more people to make a purchase.


Thumbs up for being authentic and original :)


Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know :)

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Thanks beaships. I did more or less as you advised :-)

Now I am working on my SoMe channels for gathering customers

Best regards


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Thank you Rockpapercopy. Your advice has been incorporated :-)