Just launched sock store, little traffic, no sales.

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Hi shopify family,

Please critique my store www.acrosssocks.com . It's been open for about 3 weeks now but no sales. I can get traffic through FB but no one is buying. I wonder if my site speed is slow.. I have a product review app and related products app running on the product page. Any feedback would be highly appreciated!

Solid idea for a store, however, you are missing some basic items that are going to make it hard for someone to buy from you. Here is what I would change:


Homepage Feedback

  1. Make sure your footer links to your shipping, and reviews page. This will help build trust with your customers and set expectations

  2. Add a section for customer reviews when you get them on the homepage. This is going to help build trust

  3. When everything on the homepage is on sale,... that does not set good expectation. I would make sure to put some non-sales items on the homepage

Product Page Feedback

  1. You have good images, however, in the future it'd be good to have more then one or two image for each product. We generally say 3 - 5 images is standard

  2. Add a longer product description as this is where you sell your product and convince someone to buy

  3. Add your shipping and return/refund policy to all product pages. This is something that all buyers look for

  4. Make your sizing guide stand out more. It gets lost on this page

  5. Remove the "OUR 5-POINT SATISFACTION CHECKLIST" and 30 day money back from product pages. You can just add this to the footer or make it a part of your shipping or refund page. You don't want to make your product pages to long as it will be a pain for those on mobile

  6. I would look at adjusting your product page layout, so it's clean and flows more. Remember a lot of traffic will be on mobile

Your store just needs some tweaks to take it up a level.  Hope you found this helpful, if so please click "like" below to let me know.

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This is great! I will review all of these and make changes accordingly. Thank you Duane!


Hi Mike,


Your store looks great! professional, good graphics, great story, very inviting, pricing is ok lower than on Amazon, don't have much to suggest, it should sell... just Change "Check Out" to Checkout.


From the traffic you get, are people adding products to cart?


To improve your sales and get a good ROI, I'd recommend leveraging the use of Facebook's Dynamic Products and self-learning audiences that will track conversions of people who added to cart or purchased and automatically target similar people like them. 

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All the best!


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Hi Mikeng,


I was happy to find you made a lot of sales on your website!


The sock designs on your site are awesome however I can't wait to let you know that the socks designs on my website is cooler than yours :)


Feel free to contact us if you need a vendor of socks!


Please check out our site below: Wholesale socks - Min. Order starts from 50pairs/each color! 


We update new products regularly, always keep an eye on our online product catalogue!

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